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Q: What are the names of the stars of the southern cross?
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What are the names of the stars and their positions in the southern cross?


How many stars does the Southern Cross have?

There are five stars in the Southern Cross constellation.

How any stars are in the southern cross?

The four main stars of the Southern Cross constellation are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Crucis.Several dimmer stars are within the borders of the Southern Cross.

Why is southern cross called southern cross?

The southern cross is called the southern cross is because it is a cross of stars to make a cross constellation that is more seen by the southern hemisphere.

What uses of constelations?

Constellations are groups of stars which have been given names, like The Big Dipper or The Southern Cross.

What dues the three stars mean in the southern cross?

it is a southern cross we see at night

What is the main stars in the Southern Hemisphere?

The Southern Cross group.

How many stars does the actual Southern cross have?

The Southern Cross has a total of five stars. It is also known by the name Crux and it can be found deep in the southern skies.

Who named the southern cross stars?


What are the elements of the southern cross?

5 stars

What are the stars meaning on the Eureka Stockade?

The stars on the Eureka Stockade Flag represent the Southern Cross. The southern cross represents a constellation of Stars only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. These stars were later incorporated into the Australian Flag.

What do the stars represent on the nz flag?

The stars of the Southern Cross, Crux.

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