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There are some B leagues:

Baseball: Pawtucket Red Sox (at times you can see some injured Boston Red Sox playing here while they recover)

Hockey: Providence Bruins

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One team is the Pawtucket Red Sox which is a professional base ball team.

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There are no professional sports teams in Rhode Island

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There are sport teams

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Q: What are the national Rhode Island sports teams?
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What are Rhode Island's sports teams?

The Pawtucket Red Sox is one of Rhode Island's sports teams. They are known locally as the Pawsox. The Providence Bruins is another Rhode Island sports team.

What is the US national sports team?

The us national teams are teams that play in the olympics.

What are some of the Virginia sports?

college sports but no national teams

What are the major sports teams in Finland?

The Finland national ice hockey teams

Which state has the least Division 1A football teams?

rhode island Alaska has 0 D1 football teams

What is the smallist state with a basketball team?

Rhode Island. There are two colleges that have basketball teams.

What type of sports are played in Rhode Island?

No one really says but they say that there are college teams that play basketball, and hockey. Also they helped with coming up with tennis and yachting (sailing races).

What are the National sports teams of Pennsylvania?

Pittburgh Steelers and Philadpehia Eagles

What are sports teams from Nevada?

If you are talking about national sports no college yes

What team do Scotland play for?

Scotland is a country. It has its national teams in various sports.

What professional sports teams have red and green uniforms?

the Mexican national team

What sports or sports team name starts with the letter a?

Alpine skiing, archery, arena football and auto racing are sports. The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are teams in the National Football League. The Anaheim Ducks and Atlanta Thrashers are teams in the National Hockey League.