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Q: What are the natives of Colorado?
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Who were the natives of Colorado?

The Anasazi were among the earliest.

When Ancient natives lived in the pueblos in an area where four states now meet name the states?

Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico

What are Colorado natives called?

utes The Utes are only one of several indigenous Indian Tribes in Colorado. The Utes were the only Tribe to live in the mountain regions year round. The Arapaho and Kiowa Lived on the eastern plains and the Comanche came into Colorado's eastern plains to hunt seasonally.

Were natives attacked by other natives?

Yes, some natives were killed by other natives, such as the Lenape and Wampanog.

What animals eat the greenback cutthroat trout?

The predators of the greenback cutthroat trout are also natives of the Colorado area. These animals include bears, bull trout, and humans.

What type of cultures did the Europeans come into contact with during the Age of Exploration?

Native Americans, South American Natives, Natives in the Islands of Caribbean, Natives of the Philippines, Natives of Polynesia, Natives of Hawaii, Natives of New Zealand, Natives of China and Japan.

What were Bermuda's natives?

There are no natives of Bermuda.

Who are the natives of Britain?

The Celts were the natives of Britain.

Did the pilgrims attack the Natives?

no they did not attack the Natives

What is the subject in the sentence The natives of the tiny village celebrated with a great feast?

To find the subject you have to know what word(s) is the verb. In this sentence the verb is celebrated.So you ask yourself the question 'who celebrated?' -- (who did the action of the verb?)The answer is 'the natives' therefore 'the natives' is the subject of the sentence.

How did Magellan treat natives?

Magellan treated the natives good for some time but the natives did something to magellan and his crew so Magellan and his crew fought the natives back because of what the natives did toMagellan and his crew

Did John Cabot interact with the natives?

they did not interact with the natives

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