Snow Leopards

What are the natural enemies of the snow leopards?


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The humans get there fur

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Snow leopards are the top of the food chain where it lives so it has none.

Snow Leopards do have enemies. It's enemy is a WOLF!

Humans, wolves, other snow leopards, eagles, and male ibex.

their enemies are humans or wolfves! iguess.....

Snow leopards and martens

man no it is not its blue fish

gray wolf and snow leopards

Actually, the humans are really the snow leopards enimes, humans hunt them for their fur.Other snow leopards, eagles, humans, and male ibex.

humans and wolf are the enemy of the snow leopard

wolves and snow leopards are enemies because they compete for some of the same prey

They have none besides Humans.

Snow leopards were added to the endangered species list in 1972. There are multiple organizations working to conserve the snow leopards natural habitat.

Because of where they live they don't have any natural preditors.

Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas. Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas.

Snow leopards are apex predators. This means they have no natural predators. However, humans kill them for fur and useless "medicines."

aardvark's natural enemies are loins,heynas, and leopards

Adult pandas are the largest animal in their habitat and have no natural enemies. Young pandas are occasionally killed and eaten by jackals and snow leopards.

Snow leopards get water from the snow.

Snow leopards need to be preserved for the role they play in the food chain. Without them, the biodiversity of their natural habitat would suffer.

I work with tigers and there is not such a thing as a snow tiger. White tigers are just white Bengals. Tigers do not have any natural enemies, only humans.

Leopards and Snow Leopards are entirely different species. Snow leopards aren't related to leopards- they are actually more closely related to cheetahs.


snow leopards are hunted for their fur.

well,they are white like snow, live in snowy mountains, and they're leopards!

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