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What are the natural resources of Michigan?

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They have a lot of crops there like corn and apple trees.

Michigan has a few copper deposits and is rich in gypsum.

Large areas of trees (pine oak birch exc) also we .grow wheat

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What is the budget of Michigan Department of Natural Resources?

The budget of Michigan Department of Natural Resources is 307,400,000 dollars.

What important natural resources are in Michigan?

Michigan has many clear water lakes.

What does the Michigan DNR look after?

The Michigan DNR, or Department of Natural Resources, looks after the usage of Michigan's natural resources and provides outdoor recreational opportunities. The DNR wants to ensure the usage and protection of natural resources for future generations.

What are some natural resources of Michigan?

Michigan has many natural resources. Michigan has sand dunes, the Great Lakes, forests, rivers, and smaller lakes, as well as many varieties of fish and wild life.

What are some natural resources in Michigan?

some resources are apples lumber cherries mint and water

What are three natural resources in Michigan?

lumber, hogs and cattle,corn

What are the main resources in the state of Michigan?

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How many state parks are in Michigan?

There are 101 state parks in the state of Michigan, as well as 133 state forest campgrounds. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources was founded in 1921.

What are some non-renewable resources in Michigan?

Coal, oil, gas, crude, natural gas.

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