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Q: What are the natural resousouces of the northwest territories?
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Northwest Territory Natural resources?

what is the Northwest territories natural resources

What are natural disasters of the Northwest Territories?

Earth Quacks are 1 of the most popular in northwest territories

What natural resources are made in northwest territories?

northwest territories mine lots of ores like diamonds, lead, gold and many more. Northwest territories has 5 mines, which averages out to making 2.1 billion dollars per mine. Another natural resource is natural gas, which they make 20 millions dollars out of.

What are the natural resources found in northwest territories?


What is produced in Canada's Northwest Territories?

The main exports of the northwest territories are mining products, oil, and natural gas. Timber is also important.

What are the Natural resources of the northwest territories?

forest fur fuels

What does the Northwest Territories produce?

gold diamonds natural gas and petroleum

What are natural resources of the Northwest Territories?

diamonds and snow and cold weather

What are the Northwest Territories' natural resources?

Dimonds, gold,natural gas, oil, coal, and many more

What are the main resources in Northwest Territories?

Gold, Diamonds, Natural Gas, and Petroleum.

What kind of things are manufactured in northwest territories?

The Northwest Territories' exports are primarily minerals and oil. The province is a hub of gold and diamond mining as well as drilling for petroleum and natural gas.

What is the population of Northwest Territories Canada?

The 2006 population of Northwest Territories was 41,464. The 2011 population of Northwest Territories was 41,462.

When was Northwest Territories created?

Northwest Territories was created in 1870.

Name the capital of the Northwest Territories a Canadian province that is located on the northern shore of the great slave lake?

Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Territories, but Northwest Territories is not a province. As the name indicates, Northwest Territories is a territory.

Are nunavut and Northwest Territories considered provinces?

They are territories. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. The territories are Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon

Why did Louis Riel not get hanged in QuΓ©bec?

The acts which Riel was alleged to have committed took place in what was then Northwest Territories. His arrest took place in Northwest Territories. His trial took place in Northwest Territories. He was found guilty in Northwest Territories. He was sentenced to death by hanging in Northwest Territories. Northwest Territories had jurisdiction over all matters related to Riel's arrest, trial, conviction and execution. Québec had no jurisdiction over any aspect of Riel or Northwest Territories. Therefore, Riel was hanged in Northwest Territories.

What is the capital of Northwest Territories?

Yellowknife is the capital city of Northwest Territories.

What is the northwest territories natonial bird?

The Gyrfalcon is the northwest territories bird

What is the northwest territories flower?

The Mountian Avens is the northwest territories flower

When did Northwest Territories join the confederation?

The Northwest Territories joined the confederation in 1870.

Motto of the northwest territories in Canada?

Canada's Northwest territories does not have an official motto.

Which ocean borders the northwest territories?

The Arctic Ocean borders the Northwest Territories.

How was this Northwest Territories obtained?

The Northwest Territories were obtained by the Treaty that the US signed in Paris.

What is the size of Northwest Territories?

The land mass of Northwest Territories is 1,171,918 square kilometres.

Where can you take driving lessons in the Northwest Territories?

where can you take driving lessons in northwest territories