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You of course will need a survival or first aid kit, (should include extra water, extra food, band-aids, etc.) Also the taiga has a wide variety of animal populations, so you need to be prepared for the worst! Bears and fox are known to be there! Another thing you HAVE to do is stay warm!

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What are the survival needs of a person?

basic survival needs of a man is food, shelter and oxygen

Do Economists generally not classify those goods or services that are necessary for survival as needs?

No. If they are necessary for survival, then they are needs.

What are the survival needs of anatomy?

Survival needs are food, oxygen, water, appropriate temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

How do plants adapt themselves to their environment for survival?

needs survival

Items a person needs for survival are examples of which of these?


What are your basic needs for survival?

1. My basic needs for survival are:oxygenwaterfoodsleepprotection from elements

What do elk need to survive in the taiga biome?

it needs it big tusk

Items that are necessary to live are called what needs products?

Survival Needs

What is the term for A structure or behavior that helps an organism meet its needs for survival?

An adaptation is a structure or behavior that helps an organism meet its needs for survival.

What climate does an alligator needs for survival?


Will this government ever think of its people's survival and their needs?


The ways an organism meets its survival needs?


What a beluga whale survival needs?

To be exact the Beluga Whale needs 5 gum to survive

What does a Redwood need for survival?

for survival a plant needswatersunlightcarbon dioxide to photosynthesiseoxygen to respire

Dragonfly needs what adaptations for survival?

i dont really know

What is the place where organism find their needs for survival and living?


Can the human body digest water?

yes it needs it for survival

The differences between physiological and psychological needs?

Physiological needs are the basic needs of humans for survival. Psychological needs, on the other hand, are inherent needs for social interaction.

What are human subsistent needs?

A human's subsistent needs refers to the basic needs for survival. These are food, water, shelter, clothing and sleep.

According to maslow what do your lowest or most fundamental needs and motives center around?

survival or physiological needs

What is the most vital factor for survival besides oxygen?

Water is the second most vital factor for survival. You will get dehydrated before you starve.. Your body needs water more than it needs food.

What are taiga parasites?

Taiga is a biome so i am guessing that it is a parasite that lives in Taiga

What is the biggest taiga?

The Siberian Taiga is the largest Taiga in the world. It is located in Russia.

What nonliving thing do you see in taiga?

want are the things in the taiga that are nonliving in the taiga

What is a killer whales survival needs?

100lbs of fat 100lbs of fat

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