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The Neo-Nazis are people today that still believe in Hitler's ideologies. Hitler came to power in the 1930's.He used the power to confine Jews and several other racial and religious groups to forced Labor camps, where they were starved. The agenda of Nazi's Fascism (what today's neo-Nazi groups aim to build) was a mass movement, mainly based on the middle classes. It aimed at smashing democratic rights, particularly working class organisations, and protecting the power of big business. Fascist regimes came to power in Italy in 1922, in Germany in 1933 and in other European countries afterwards.

They are Nazis, more precisely, they are Neo-Nazis. A tumorous outgrowth of established white supremacist groups such as the KKK and League of the South, these new fascists decry the elimination of anyone not of their faith and color. The Neo-Nazi movement in America along with other similar white supremacy groups such as the Skinheads and National Socialist Movement count their membership at over 100,000 nationwide. Lest you think this is a small number consider that the doctrines of hate put forth by these groups result in violence set loose upon thousands of innocent people everyday. Neo-Nazi violence is in the news every week. These groups actively promote racist hate crimes. They plot and scheme to hurt people. Their favorite tactic and pastime is to scan the newspaper for new African American residents in their areas and specifically target them for harassment.

A recent Neo-Nazi article on the ADL website points out that though not an active member of any Neo-Nazi groups the eighty eight year old holocaust museum shooter was a believer in the white power movement agenda all of his life.

Neo-Nazi video showing the rampant disregard for equality put forth by Neo- Nazis in America, is available online to anyone. While one hopes these are published from an anti Neo-Nazi viewpoint, the truth is, most are not. Most Internet publishing of the work and philosophy put forth by Neo-Nazi groups is authored by dyed in the wool members of the Neo-Nazi movement.

There are a few notable exceptions. One of these is "Undercover Nazi", a startling expose of Neo-Nazi, skinhead activities. David Gletty, the book's author, spent over four years undercover as a Neo-Nazi infiltrator. His efforts resulted in dozens of anti-American plots being dismantled before they could be launched. Patiently infiltrating six of America's most notorious hate groups at once, David Gletty rose in the ranks of right extremism until he was revealed to be a Neo-Nazi informant working for the FBI. Unfortunately he was exposed while participating in a huge Neo-Nazi rally. David Gletty now finds himself under constant threat from the entire white power movement, yet he tours the nation spreading the alarm of the huge threat to the majority of the American public.

Major organizations are actively campaigning to reveal inner news about hate groups. On Fox News, Geraldo Rivera has interviewed David Gletty about his experiences. Both Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer have presented Neo-Nazi CNN interviews.

Of course freedom of the press often results in the airwaves being used to spread pro Neo-Nazi propaganda. For radio personality Hal Turner, Neo-Nazi ideals are offered as a solution to all of the world's ills.

NEO-NAZISM, a general term for the related fascist, nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic beliefs and political tendencies of the numerous groups that emerged after World War II seeking to restore the Nazi order or to establish a new order based on doctrines similar to those underlying Nazi Germany. Some of these groups closely adhered to the ideas propounded in Hitler's Mein Kampf; others espoused related beliefs deriving from older Catholic, nationalist, or other local traditions.

The Nazi Holocaust claimed the lives of between 5 and 6 million Jews between 1939 and 1945. Since then, a small group of Holocaust deniers have lied about and minimized this history by deliberately manipulating historical evidence as part of an ideological and racist agenda.

The Nazis were members of Hitler's party, the National Socialist German Workers' Party .The Nazis wanted to rid Germany of all Jews

THE KILLING OF MILLIONS OF JEWS and other "non-Aryans" in the Holocaust is the greatest crime against humanity recorded in history. It was made possible by a unique combination of factors: the total control over the machinery of a modern state by the totalitarian regime of the National Socialists; the active cooperation or passive consent of a large part of the German population; the collaboration of like-minded regimes and people in the occupied territories; and a deeply rooted anti-Semitism common to all Christian countries in Europe. The catastrophic loss of humane standards in German society took place after the prolonged political and economic crisis of the 1920s.

After the defeat in the First World War, Germany becomes a democracy. Social Democrats and Liberal parties form the new government. The enormous costs of the war cause rampant inflation. Unemployment rises to over five million. Large parts of the population live in fear of falling back into 19th-century poverty. Nationalist parties and the newly founded National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) blame the democratic constitution, the parties supporting the new republic and the unjust provisions of the peace treaty of Versailles for the chaos. But above all it is "the Jew" who is being blamed: The German worker is being ruined by "Jewish Capital" and threatened by "Jewish Bolshevism" that wants to turn him into a slave.

The Nazi party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler gains more votes in every election. It promises to "restore honor" to the Germans, to renew political order and to bring back "work and bread."

The Nazis pursue their political aims with aggressive propaganda and violence. In 1930 - twelve years after its founding - the parties that supported the republic lose their majority. Right-wing parties take over the government and begin to dismantle the democratic system.

In the elections of 1932, the NSDAP becomes the strongest party. The votes of the National Socialists are now needed to form the next government. On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler is named Reich chancellor. In February, his democratically elected government passes a law suspending civil rights and political freedoms. In March, the government is empowered to rule without parliament, to pass laws and govern by decree. Germany becomes a Dictatorship ruled by Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Neo-Nazis are around in today's society. There are generally two groups of Nazis. There are hard-core Nazis and ones who are just part-time. Part-time Nazis are usually the ones who can be influenced to leave the party. Most part-time Nazis are in it for the attention they will get from doing something bad. Hard-core Nazis are the ones who are usually the most verbal in expressing their beliefs. They are the ones that should give us the most concern because they are the ones who are willing to die for their beliefs.

There are many identifying characteristics of Neo-Nazis. Most have a normal, everyday look. They look just like us. Also most of them are actually very smart. Usually the smartest ones are the ones that choose to study about their history. Tattoos are a giveaway to identifying them. Some of them have shaved heads, but not all of them do. Most Neo-Nazis only shave their heads for special events. They can spread propaganda by using the internet. Lots of people use the web, and it is easy to get into links that spread the wrong ideals. There are also kids who use the net, and it is an easy way to get new recruits. Neo-Nazis also deny that the Holocaust occurred. They deny that it ever happened and that the Nazis could ever do something that horrifying.

They also do things like bombings and beating people. Most beatings take place by using a baseball bat to hit the victim. They also use things like pipes, boots, and even syringes. These types of weapons are the ones that are mostly used just by the followers. The leaders can usually get weapons like machine guns and bombs. Many Neo-Nazis are never arrested because, at marches, police usually arrest those who aren't actual Nazis. They are just in it to help beat someone up, and they don't know what they're fighting for. There are many groups that are thought of as Neo-Nazis but that actually aren't. They sometimes go to the rallies put on by the Neo-Nazi groups. They are often the ones that are arrested because they are at the rally.

Neo-Nazis exist around us all of the time. They could be someone we don't know, or they could be one of our best friends. It is important that we don't belittle what we think that they are capable. They are dangerous people to mess with because they can go to any lengths to hurt someone who gets on their bad side

The Nazis, or National Socialist German Worker's party, gained power in Germany in the 1930s by lies and propaganda. It had a racist ideology that genocide and war crimes were acceptable in order to get rid of racial groups they did not like. They were responsible for the event known as the Holocaust. Hitler, their leader, brainwashed the people to believe that 'non-ayrans' were subhuman and scapegoated them for the country's economic problems. When Hitler and the Nazis came to power they turned Gemany from a democracy to a fascist police state. Because Hitler led the Nazis to believe that non-ayrans, especially Jews, were subhuman, it was easier to lead them to massacre trhe Jews and believe it was right to send innocent Jews and others to forced labor camps, torture them and murder them. In World War II, the United States, Britain, and the USSR and many other countries fought against Germany and its allies and managed to remove the Nazis from power in Germany.

Today Neo-Nazis, tend to belong to hate groups and commit hate crimes. They will deny that the Holocaust ever happened, in order to convince more people to support them. They hate Jews, black people, the disabled and homosexuals. If they are in a powerful position at their jobs, they might practice discrimination, only hiring straight, non-Jewish, non-disabled white people.

The symbol of the Nazis is the swastika.

Fascists exits in today's India. The Indian Fascist organization is called as Hindu RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh). Even during 1930's-40's an Indian leader Subhas Chandra Bose was working with Hitler and Japanese. There is proof of a meeting between RSS Head Dr Hegdewar and Subhash Bose in Calcutta in 1928.

The leadership of RSS are mostly Brahmins and Rajputs (a race believe their origin is from Europe). They call themselves ARYAN and their symbol is Swastika. They want to finish or enslave the Muslims, Christian minorities and any non-aryans in India. The present Hindu BJP party government of Mr Narender Modi supports the ideology of Fascism and is busy implementing their agendas in India. Mr Modi is himself a member of RSS.

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To sum it all up, neo Nazis hate anyone who are not like them, they are bigots and racists. Their hatred includes people of different religion, people of different race, people who have different values or customs or traditions...and a lot more. They may sometimes claim to be against violence but they invariably start violent protests. They also seem to convince themselves that all illegal immigrants are from Mexico are trying to take back the south west and therefor are against Immigration of any kind, legal or not. They conveniently forget that America was build on immigration and still relies on open arms to the world. The ideals of the American way of life are not just for those who are already living there.

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