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* 1) Umbilical Region 2) Epigastric Region 3) Hypogastric Region4) Right and Left Hypochondriac Regions 5) Right and Left Lumbar Regions 6) Right and Left Inguinal Regions

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Q: What are the nine regions of the abdominopelvic cavity?
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What regions in the abdominopelvic cavity are medial?

epigastric, umbilical, and hypogastric regions

Is the thoracic cavity is distal to the abdominopelvic cavity?

The thoracic cavity is superior to the abdominopelvic cavity.

Divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominopelvic cavity?

The diaphragm divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominopelvic cavity.

What are the sub-subdivisions of the ventral cavity?

thoracic and abdominopelvic cavity

Is the rectum consider in being in the abdominopelvic cavity?

Yes, the rectum is in the abdominopelvic cavity. But, the anal canal, which is inferior to the rectum is outside of the abdominopelvic cavity.

Is the abdominopelvic the same as ventral?

The ventral cavity is made up of the abdominopelvic and thoracic cavities. The abdominopelvic cavity consists of the abdominal and pelvic cavities.

What body cavities are located inferior to the diaphragm?

Abdominopelvic cavity lies below the diaphragm and can be subdivided into the abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity.

What are the cavity of the body?

thoracic and abdominopelvic cavity

What are the two subdivisions of the dorsal body cavity?

thoracic and abdominopelvic cavity

What separates the abdominopelvic cavity from the thoracic cavity?

The diaphragm.

Can you use abdominopelvic cavity in a sentence?

Like this "I like my abdominopelvic well done."

Is the uterus in the abdominopelvic cavity?