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dvd player it has to be blue ray

iPod touch. (download the Netflix app first)


zune touch

and possibly a dvr from "Dish" Direct TV" and "comcast


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YES! They just put it on Netflix.

no but there is netflix

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As of August 2014, Netflix has not announced when Muppet babies will be put on the viewing list.

it is not on netflix yet season 3 just got put on there bout 2-3 months ago so i think that it will be a little while before it is put on netflix.

No. There is no filmed version of Wicked on Netflix. However, it is likely that a Wicked movie will be made sometime in the near future, and eventually that may be put on Netflix.

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Full House is available on Netflix in Canada however it is not available on the U.S. Netflix due to syndication issues. Netflix has attempted to reach an agreement in order to put all of the episodes of Full House from all of its season on Netflix but Viacom's Nickelodeon channel holds the syndication rights to Full House and Nickelodeon wasn't willing to either give them up or share them in order for Netflix to put the show on the U.S. Netflix server.

no just download the netflix app from the wii shop channel.

The Walking Dead season 2 is currently available on Netflix.

Yes, you can get it under the video tab or in the marketplace. You must have a Netflix membership to watch movies.

Your best of contacting Netflix and asking them yourself. We can't help with some other companies.

Paid apps such as HULU or NETFLIX

i think they just put it on hold :)

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Yes. Find and select the Nexflix application on the Xbox dashboard. You will be prompted to sign in - from there, follow the instructions to activate the Netflix account. This will not affect your Netflix account if it has been activated on a different Xbox or system.

Yes they do, also they have 1 season and there just about to put the second.

depends. is it going to upload long? When will they record it with no one talking? Are they going to put it on HD? Netflix uploads a movie at least half a month from when it came on DVD.

Netflix has not announced when The Walking Dead Season 3 will be available for streaming. However, they normally put the previous season (season 3) on Netflix once the current season (season 4) begins airing, which is October 2013.

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