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The two elements in periodic table which are liquid are:

1 Mercury

2 bromine

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i dont know thats why i came here da

There is no oldest table in the world, unless you still have your old crumpled up table. Then thats your oldest table.

the noble gases are the least reactive(thats group 18) followed by group 14

stable octet are the noble gases (group 18 on the periodic table) thats why they are less reactive

Basically they are classified on the basis of repetition of similar properties......... Elements with same properties are assigned according to their groups.......each member of a particular group in a periodic table resembles almost similar properties elements with electron entering same shell is assigned same period....Thats how elements are classified

Gold is an element (79 on the periodic table of elements). Thats why you mine gold not make it!

periodic table is importance because: 1) you can find the useful element like (Calcium,Hydrogen etc.) 2) you can browse the elements and its use (Calcium:Element that strengthens our bones) 3) you can use for experementing (Hydrogen Molecules + Oxygen Molecules = Water(H20) ) thats how useful is periodic table are hope that will help anyone

Nothing, an element on the periodic table is say a base ingredient, for example thats like saying how do you make wheat, you can't because it grows naturally the only thing that some elements would be made of are the metals, which is just mined ore where the substance come out and is refined.

Because thats the chemical name for potassium.

becuz its an element and thats what the tables made for

Answer-Each symbol represents a element of the periodic table. For example, H is the symbol of Hydrogen.WOW THATS HELPFUL--NOT!

Because, that way they would know which ones were missing. The number of protons they have represents their number on the table, hence hydrogen is 1, helium is 2. No two elements have the same amount of protons, thats (the main thing) what differentiates them.

Yes. It is the alchemy name for Iron. Thats why Irons periodic table name is 'Fe'

There is no element by the symbol "SO" in the periodic table.

im not sure but i think thats because its only made up of one thing. its in the periodic table

The number of electrons is the same as the atomic number (and protons). So, if you look at an element on the periodic table, lets say Hydrogen. The atomic number above the element is one, so thats how many electrons there are.Based on their atomic number in the periodic table.

there more than 1000 isotopes...but all these are represented by single element in the periodic table so thats why it is called isotope because iso mean "same" tope means"place" e.g hydrogen have 3 isotope but in periodic table only protium represents the remaining s

it changes state...solid, liquid, gas describe what it looks like.... its clear has 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom look at its element card on the periodic table....thats should give you some more info it doesnt conduct electricity, or heat

heating table sugar is a chemical change because the sugar breaks down into its original elements and substances and new ones enter it thats the most simple answer

the second letter of there element symbol is lower case 'r' and they end with the --ton I don't know if that helps but looking at the periodic table thats all I can see

A gas plus a liquid is.......I have no idea thats why I am asking you guys!!

Only one liquid expands when heated and thats water the most common liquid.

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