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The giant otters predators are the jaguar and cougars.

Young otters may be vulnerable to such predators as foxes, wolves, and raptors.

Sea otters may be consumed by killer whales, among others.
Any animals higher in the food chain are otters' enemies, even man.

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a sea stars predators are,birds otters and humansa sea stars predators are,birds otters and humans

mostly river otters, sea otters and other types of otters.

Orca whales! they eat all the otters

For Giant otters, it is caiman ,jaguars and anacondas.

Sea Otters are predators to sea urchins, mollusks, and some fish. I am 11 and i know this because i have to write a report!

humans and POSSIBLY otters

the otters use their paws to swim fast away from predators

otters, mink, possibly buzzards

sharks, humans, and bald eagles are all examples of predators of sea otters.

Otters are fast swimmers, but can also jump onto land to avoid predators.

Otters do extremely well in captivity. Zoos look after otters by giving them food and keeping them safe from their natural predators. In captivity, otters can live between 20 and 25 years.

Giant Otters are carnivores and, along with Black Caimans and Jaguars, are one of the apex predators of the Pantanal. Giant Otters are normally piscivores, meaning they normally eat fish, and are capable of killing fish up to the size of arapaima. However, Giant Otters are very tough predators and are capable of killing predators of the size of 3 meter Yelllow Anacondas and Spectacled Caimans.

We kill otters in nets sometimes other than that large sharks have been known to kill otters but mainly mistaking them for seals etc.

Yes it does they are sea otters, crabs, and a type of fish.Yes it does they are sea otters, crabs, and a type of fish.

Sharks, Manta Rays, Sea Otters, and other large fish are the main predators of starfish.

bears, wolfs, eagles, and even otters.

The crab's predators are sea turtles, otters, and more!

sea otters die from oil spills predators and hunters like murchants who sell fur and gold.

The amazon otter is prey to caimans, crocodiles, jaguars, mountain lions, and anacondas. Piranhas in large groups will eat otters.

Sea otters and large raptors such as the bald eagle or osprey.

Primarily sharks as they live off the coast of the pacific.

Raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, otters, wading birds, and humans.

The great white shark is the main predators to sea otters in California. In Alaska, since the seal and sea lion populations are becoming scarce, killer whales (orcas) have been feasting on otters. Other predators include stellar sea lions, bears, eagles, and coyotes.

One of kelp's predators is the sea urchin. Sea otters eat sea urchins, that is how they help kelp. (that rhymes)

Great White Sharks are good predators of sea otters because the sharks are quiet and sneaky and the sea otter don't usually pay much attention to what is going on.

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