What are the parts of a frog in terms of skeletal system?

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the parts of a frog are: a.head b.trunk *Front Leg (or arm)* =fingers =palm =wrist =lower arm =elbow *Hind Leg* =thigh =knee =ankle =scale =webbing =toes
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The comparison of skeletal system of the frog between a human?

The axial and appendicular both make up a frog and human's skeletal system. For a frog, the skeletal system's main function is locomotion and maintaining posture. Although the human and frog skeletal system also protect vital organs the frog does not have any ribs whereas a human does. The frog also ( Full Answer )

Are teeth part of the skeletal system?

Answer . Your teeth are considered part of the skeletel system but are not classified as bones as they are made of enamel and dentin

What are the parts of the skeletal system?

The parts of the skeletal system are: . cranium(skull), . sternum(chest), . ribs, . humerus, radius, ulna, . carpals(wrist) . phalanges(fingers,toes), . femur(thigh), . patella(knee cap) . tibia, fibula, . metatarsal(ankle), . tarsal(foot) . vertebral column(spine), . sacrum, ilium,is ( Full Answer )

Major parts of the skeletal system?

skull vertebral column sacrum coccyx pelvic girdle humerus radius ulna carpals metacarpals femur tibia fibula tarsals metatarsals ribcage

What are the two parts of the skeletal system?

Crainum (Beacause if you didnt have a skull and if you bump intosomething,youll die. The Thorax(Ribs) Beacuse If something kicksyou in the chest you will die also.

What are the main parts of the skeletal system?

The skeletal system consists of bones and related cartilage structures (such as in the ears, back, and knees), and the ligaments that connect the bones to other bones and to the muscles. The main bones in the skeletal system are the skull and spinal column (vertebrae), the ribs, and the sternum, ( Full Answer )

Long term effects of skeletal system?

the long term effects are hyaline cartilage increasing to reduce friction between the bones, also mineral contents increases such as collagen and calcium minerals. also your ligaments will become more flexible and you will become more supple.

Parts of the muscular system of the frog?

The frog is separated into four parts; head, trunk, forelimb andhind limb. The head only has two muscle sections while the othershave between five and seven.

Definition of the parts of skeletal system?

The skeletal system consists of about seven parts. These parts arethe skull, the rib cage, the pelvic girdle, the lower limb, theupper limb and the pectoral girdle.

Are tendons a part of the muscular system or the skeletal system?

The tendons are part of the muscular system!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another answer would be , the tendons are the connection between the muscular and skeletal system , being connective tissue ,neither bone or muscle , but since the greater part of most tendons are attached to the muscle , and are only anchored ( Full Answer )

What are the different parts of skeletal system?

The skeletal system is made up of a total of 206 bones. Thedifferent parts of the skeletal system includes the skull, Hyoid,Auditory Ossicles, ribs, sternum and the vertebral column.

What are the parts of human skeletal system?

well the simple answer are bones which support and protect the body. but to expand on that their is also the periosteum, a sheath of connective tissue that surrounds the bones. the skeleton is divided into 2 catagories. the apendicular skeleton and the axial skeleton. the axial skeleton are the 80 b ( Full Answer )

What are the THREE main parts of the skeletal system?

The three main components of the human skeleton are bones,associated cartilage, and joints. Bone is a tough and rigid form ofconnective tissue. Cartilage is also a form of connective tissuebut is not as tough and rigid as bone. Joints are importantcomponents of human skeleton because they make the h ( Full Answer )

How are parts of the skeletal system may be injured?

They maybe injured if you fall down or over something, or if you have a medical condition They may also be injured if you have bad bone diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Arthritis-causes swelling or your bones become stiffened. Osteoporosis causes your bones to become less dense.

What is th difference between a frogs skeletal system and a humans?

Most of the human bones are found in the frog skeleton but there are tree major differences; *The pelvis is forked *some bones unfused in humans are fused in frogs, like the tibia and fibula into the tibiofibula *most frogs have no ribs

Is the epidermis part of the skeletal system?

No, it is not. The epidermis is in fact part of the integumentary system. This system comprises of the skin (epidermis, dermis and subdermis), and its appendages (including hair and nails).

Is a knee cap part of the skeletal system?

Yes; the knee cap, whose technical name is the patella, is part of the skeletal system. Sometimes referred to as a "floating" bone, the patella is not directly connected to any other bones. It is surrounded by muscles instead, the bottom portion of which is connected to the tibia, or shin, by patell ( Full Answer )

Is the skeletal system separated into parts?

actually the skelitol sytime is separated into 3 bonerific joints made of Niger juice hahahahaha porch monkey right now i have a jucy bonar im going to smear white stuff on my moms face. yea niga

What is the function of the skeletal system of a frog?

The skeletal systems : 1. Support the body. 2. Protect important organs such as the heart. 3. Move the body Comparison Of the Frog and The human The axial and perpendicular both make up a frog and humans skeletal system. For a frog, the skeletal system's main function is locomotion and m ( Full Answer )

What is a frogs skeletal system?

Well the frog is a vertebrate so therfore it has a endoskeleton which means it has a skeleton in the inside.

What are the functions and parts of the skeletal system?

The parts of the skeletal system are the bones, tendons, andligaments. The skeletal system provides framework of the body ,gives shape and support to the body, helps in body movements inconjunction with the muscles, and protects internal organs. It alsoserves as a storage site for minerals.

What are the parts of the human skeletal system?

The human skeleton consists of both fused and individual bones supported and supplemented by ligaments,tendons, muscles and cartilage. It serves as a scaffold which supports organs, anchors muscles, and protects organs such as the brain, lungs and heart. The biggest bone in the body is the bone ( Full Answer )

What are the body parts for the skeletal system?

upper leg bone lower leg bone wrist bone thigh bone collar bone rib cage back bone skull tarsals eye socket shoulder bone knee cup jaw bone lower arm bone upper arm bone hyoid elbow bone ulnq scapula sternum metarcarpals vertebrae ciavacle femur tibia fibula phalanges hip bone phalngesradius

Trivia about human and frog skeletal system?

There are many different facts that you could consider to be triviaabout the human and frog skeletal systems. You could considerpurposes for these structures for example.

Parts of skeletal system?

\n. \n. humerus \n. radius \n. ulna \n. verieva \n. pelvis \n. sacrum \n. carpals \n. metacarpal \n. phalangers \n. femur

What happens when a part fails in the skeletal system?

the skeletal system is bones. They dont fail, they break. Of course, if a leg, foot, or thigh bone breaks, you WILL fall and roll in pain. If the skull breaks, you may get a concussion.

What is the best part of the skeletal system?

Although this question requires more opinion versus simply facts, I'd say the best part of the skeletal system is the bone marrow. Without bone marrow, the substance known as bone would not develop and fractured bones could not heal.

What human skeletal system is missing in the frog?

There are lots of similarities in human and frog skeletal system, but still there are differences between both of them. First, the frog and human both have skull, but frog doesn't have neck that;s why they can't turn, lift, or turn their head like people can. Second, frog doesn't have ribs. the rib ( Full Answer )

Why are tendons part of the skeletal system and the musclar system?

tendons are part of muscular system and the skeletal system becausein the skeletal system, it supports your body and work with yourmuscles to allow you to move and its also part of the muscularsystem becausea tendon is a tissue and its attached to the muscleand the muscle is attached to the bone