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1. Head/Setting-contains the stone

2. Shoulder-Where the head sits

3. Claw- the talons which keeps the stone in place

4. Shank-the cylinder which goes into your finger

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What does a 985 stamp on jewelry mean?

It means that there are 985 parts per 1000 of precious metal in your piece of jewelry

Where can you buy ring caps?

You can buy ring caps at most good jewelry stores.

How do you use a word ring in a sentence?

Please ring the bell!

Where can one purchase diamond ring jewelry in the UK?

One can purchase diamond ring jewelry at a local jewelry shop or at an official jewelry website such as Tiffany's. Another option would be to purchase jewelry on Amazon or Ebay.

What jewelry can you wear on your fingers?

Ring :)

929 stamp on ring jewelry?

929 in a ring is it real gold

What does the PI symbol mean when it is next to a Platinum mark on a ring?

PI represents the platinum with Iridium setting of the jewelry. It is mostly used in fine jewelry. The ring might be a fine jewelry.

Can you trade expensive jewelry when buying engagement ring?

* You should get your jewelry appraised by a reputable jeweler and then get your money in order to buy the engagement ring. Most jewelry stores do not do trade offs.

How do you clean a engagement ring that is slightly yellow?

Go to any jewelry store and ask for their jewelry cleaner. They will probably clean the ring right there for you free of charge, but buy their jewelry cleaner.

When was spring ring invented for jewelry?

The spring ring was first patented in 1900.

How has jewelry rings change over the years?

the jewelry ring doesn't change, your finger does.

What piece of jewelry is worn on a finger?

A ring.

How do you get the diamond ring?

go to the jewelry store.

What is the answer to the analogy breakfast is to cereal as jewelry is to what?


What piece of jewelry is worn on the finger?


How can one clean a sapphire ring?

To clean a sapphire ring one can do so at a low cost using mild dish soap and war water or one part ammonia to six parts water. Those who can afford the luxury may take their jewelry to a local jewelry store for professional cleaning.

What did jewelry mean in ancient Rome?

Jewelry did not have any particular significance in Rome except that the woman who wore it was wealthy. A man was not expected to wear jewelry except for maybe one ring in addition to his signet ring.

Where can one find jewelry for a tongue ring piercing?

There are numerous online retailers where one can find jewelry for a tongue ring piercing. One can purchase such items from 'Body Candy', 'Spencer's' and 'Body Jewelry Factory'.

Gold stamping on jewelry what does stamp 330 mean on jewelry?

330 on jewelry- ring what does it means

Do they do a realistic replica of the Cullen crest jewelry you love Esmes ring but you like it in green do they do it?

No, not Esme's ring. But go into an antique shop or jewelry shop I bet you can find a lookalike!!!!!! esme has a bracelet and carlisle a ring

What does va14k on jewelry mean?

what does va14k means on a ring

Will a jewelry store adjust the size of a ring?

Jewelry store and craftsman can adjust the ring size to very small extent but larger alteration will not be possible and will amount to remaking.

What is a ZRW ring?

A ZRW ring is made by JewelAmerica, Inc. ZRW is the company's registered trademark used for gold jewelry and other forms of precious metal jewelry.

In jewelry what does BGG stands for when engraved on the inside of a ring?

the bgg probably stands for the size of the ring

Where did Kim Kardashian get her ring from?

Kanye West. The ring itself is by jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.