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What are the parts of a leaf?


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The parts of a leaf include the veins, veinlets, apex, base, midrib, blade, petiole, & margin.

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A variegated leaf is a leaf which is green in some parts but another colour in other parts usually white.

There are eight parts of a gumamela leaf. These parts include the stem, base, lamina, leaf margin, apex, petiole, primary vein, and secondary vein.

The maple leaf is the national emblem of Canada. Parts of a maple leaf include the blade, petiole, stipules and veins.

what is the function of each of the following external parts of a leaf?

this is for plants and leaf things There are different parts to a leaf or plant are.... The Stem, Axillary Bud, Internode, Axil, Node, Petiole, Stipule And the Leaf Lamina

the major parts of a leaf are--the dermal system,the ground tissue system and the vascular system.

The leaf blade , the main vein , the veins , the stem and the leaf.

To provide nutrition to all parts of the leaf.

sugar is carried to different parts of the leaf

A simple leaf is a leaf, such as an aspen leaf, that does not divide into parts. A compound leaf is a leaf, such as a walnut leaf, that has several leaflets coming off of a single petiole.

root, stem,leaf,vein are the basic parts

the parts of a leaf are a secondary nerve a principal nerve a limbe and a gaine

Yes a hibiscus leaf is simple because a simple leaf having one blade, or a lobed leaf in which the separate parts do not reach down to the midrib.

well according to me its not because it is divided into parts and simple leaves are not divided compound leaf is divided so coconut leaf is a compound leaf i guess

A simple leaf has a single part while a compound leaf has three or more parts

The function of the veins in a leaf is to transport food to different parts of the leaf

the white part of a varigated leaf boosts its sugar levels so that the white parts can get there sugar quickly when needed

they cut out small shaped parts of a leaf from a leaf and carry it on their backs to disguise themselves as leaves.

blade,petiole,veins & margins

The petiole, the blade & veins

The leaf, the stem, the root

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