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The parts of the nephron are the renal artery, renal vein, afferent arteriole, glomerulus, bowman's capsule, proximal tubules, distal tubules, loop of henle, renal pelvis, cortex, medulla, peritubular capillaries, and ureter.

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list the parts of the nephron and describe the function of each part

renal corpuscle and renal tubule

Papillary duct or DCT The thing in this question that stands out to me is "part of the nephron". Actually the parts of a nephron only include renal corpuscle, proximal convoluted tuble, nephron loop, and distal convoluted tubule. I would a say the answer, if you read it the way I am taking it, is DCT. The papillary duct does follow the DCT but is not part of the nephron.

the meaning of nephron

Blood is constantly flowing through the kidneys and being filtered by the nephron. Different parts of the nephron cause reabsorption OS specific electrolytes, like Potassium and Sodium.

He was admitted to the hospital because of problem in nephron. It is an example sentence using the word nephron.

tere are different parts of urinary system namely: nephron urinary bladder What am I saying to the person who wrote the first answer to this question?

The nephron is the basic filtering unit of the kidney.

in the kidneys, there is no nephron loop there is the loop of henle inside of the kidney, but nothing by the name of "nephron loop"

Glomerolus, Proximal Convoluted Tubules, Descending Loop of henle, Ascending Loop of Henle, Distal Convoluted Tubules. Though the Medullary Collecting ducts are found in the kidney, an author stated that it is not part of the nephron.

1. Glomerulus 2. Bowman's Capsule 3. Loop of Henle 4. Collecting Duct

distal convoluted tubule, glomerulus, loop of henle, bowmans capsule, proximal convoluted tubule

The most distal portion of the nephron is the

The distal convoluted tubule is the portion of the nephron that empties into the collecting ducts. It is the last segment of the nephron.

The length of a single human nephron is 3 cm

The nephron is the basic cellular unit, millions of which make up the kidney.

The Nephron loop, or also called the loop of Henle.

Bowman's capsule, henle's loop (made up of the proximal convulated tubule anddistal convulated tubule) and collecting duct.

== == A nephron is where filtration of blood will occur and it is also the million miscroscopic devices inside the kidney

The nephron is the basic unit of the kidney. It consists of many cells, not just one.

The fluid that precedes urine in the nephron is called tubular fluid.

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