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The number of elements and molecules in simplest form make up chemical formulas.

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This site shows all the different firework chemical formulas and what they do:

Chemical formulas are deducted from the chemical composition of a substance; and the chemical composition is established by chemical analysis.

all chemical formulas are balanced

Only chemical compounds have a chemical formula; a mixture is a mix of chemical compounds with different formulas.

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements and chemical formulas represent chemical compounds.

Chemical symbols represent a chemical element.Chemical formulas represent compounds.

No, elements are the makeups of chemical formulas. No, elements are the makeups of chemical formulas.

Different chemical formulas represent different chemical substances.

The metals by themselves do not have chemical formulas, they have chemical symbols which are shown on the periodic table of the elements. They only have chemical formulas if they are chemically bonded to another element, usually a nonmetal.

Not all chemical formulas represent a compound. Chemical formulas that contain two or more elements represent a compound. Chemical formulas can also represent diatomic molecules, such as H2 or O2. Sulfur is represented by the formula S8.

The chemical formulas are a representation of the chemical composition of a compound.

an example of chemical formulas is sodium chloride also called NaCl

A chemical formula describe and identify a chemical compound.

A chemical formula represent the chemical composition of a compound.

The chemical symbol for magnesium is Mg.

The uses of chemical formulas are mainly to show how the various elements are in any compound. This will indicate how a particular chemical reaction takes place.

Mixtures do not have chemical formulas because they are not chemical bonded. Mixtures can be physically separated like a bag of different colored marbles.

Numbers that precede symbols and formulas in a chemical equation are called coefficients.

No. Only chemical compounds have chemical fourmulas. Alloys are mixtures

Cs (for caesium) and At (for astatine) are chemical symbols, not chemical formulas.

The chemical formula gives the chemical composition of a pure substance.

In a chemical reaction compounds are represented by chemical formulas.

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