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pretty much everything; except for the brain, eyes, ears, nose, fingers/ toes, and any thing that came off ( like if you lost your arm in the war or something ). The body repairs itself internally and externally.

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What are the only parts of the human body that can't repair themselves?

Teeth are the only human body parts incapable of repairing themselves.

What are the three parts of the body not composed of atoms?

EVERYTHING in the human body is made of atoms... except perhaps the atoms themselves.

Does your human body have about 22 human parts?

The body has over a trillion parts.

Do body shops sell organs or hair?

Body shops do not sell organs or hair. Body shops have nothing to do with the human body, but rather concern themselves with auto repair and maintenance.

How well is the body able to repair damage to the parts of the nervous system?

Yoga is the body abel to repair damage to the parts of the nervous system

What are the parts more important in the human body?

the parts are the cells the organs the tissius and the whole human body

What do cells replace themselves?

Cells replace themselves to reproduce or repair damage to the body.

Why the human body need proteins?

The human body needs proteins for growth and repair of the cells.

Coloring sheet of human body parts?

a human body sheet

Which nutrients do your body cells use to repair themselves?


How many parts is the human body divided into?

the human body is divided by 3 parts they are: head,truck and limbs

How many body parts in a human being?

Define "Body Parts" Bones-206 Nearly 700 skeletal muscles in the human body

What has many parts?

The human body has many parts.

How many cells die in a second?

Different cells have different lifespans. The different cells of your body are constantly replacing themselves as they die. Some parts of your body are "new" within a week and others in a month. Too bad are cars could not repair themselves like our body.

What is mitosis used for in the human body?

repair and growth

What human body part can not repair itself?

The teeth

What human body parts starts with a i?

The index finger, intestines and immune system are human body parts. They begin with the letter i.

How bones mend themselves?

65 in a human body fix themselves

Cells help to repair damaged parts of your body?

yes they do :)

What parts of the human body do you have?


What human parts do we have of 15?


How they rat wash themselves?

wash themselves to be healthy they all parts of the body

Why would mitosis need to occur in the body?

so tissues in your body can grow and repair themselves

What is a small part of the human body?

The smallest parts of the human body are contained in the cells.

What parts of the human body that we seen?

The whole surface of a human body can be seen if it is naked.

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