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I dont know because i have a v4


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Tamagotchi item passwords give you free acess to items on your tamagotchi

from PC belive me a owned 400 tamagotchi go on that

look for the heart in your tamagotchi and go there if you see special click it and put the passwords in.i hope it works

Yes, but the website might be outdated.


go to and click on tamagotchi in the lower left hand corner. they have codes for most of the versions

there isn't a cheapest one. They all cost the same... Anyway why would ANYONE want to know about a v1? They're rubbish, all the items are stupid and there isn't any cheat websites for v1's so why bother wasting your time looking for v1's when you could have a music city tamagotchi? I really don't see the point... Hope this helps! :)

sorry if i am wrong, but i really dont think so

NO hi cant communicate with v1,v2,v3,v4,v4.5

there is ocean, angel,devil,v1,plain tamagotchi, v2,v3,v4,v4.5,v5,v6/music star. that is what i know so far

You cant because item passwords can only be used once! :(

well first, which kind of tamagotchi? v1,v2,v3,v4,v4.5,v5,tamagotchi music star? you need more details but here is a good website of information.

Some can like a v4 and a v5 but not a v1,v2,v3 or v5.5 v6s also can but that's pretty easy to figure out

it's the door. Not heart. The heart symbol is only for connections. I know this because I have 3 tamagotchi music star (v6)s.

Well, you go to the section on the tamagotchi entertainment. AKA: Baseball and Bat, press A 3 times, press b, than press b agin and press in the password. Hope I helpedBrianna Enns

go to the the 5 th icon on the top screen then open it then go to special

* Tamagotchi is created by a famous company, Bandai. * Tamagotchis have a lot of qualities and are collectors' items (V1 for example, is rare nowadays). * They are small, cute, come in different colours and versions. * They can communicate and you can do a lot on them.

If you mean oldest version, then it's V1. If you oldest species of tamagotchi, it's one of the oldies. (you probably won't get an oldie if you have a baby) (The Matchmaker is an oldie) If you wan't to learn more, visit my blog:

go to: and click on tricks/cheats/codes/tips . then scroll down to the v3 section

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