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LA FItness accepts cash, check, or credit card payments. They also offer montly payment plans.

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Q: What are the payment options for LA Fitness Club?
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What does the LA in LA fitness club name stand for?

Los Angeles Fitness Club

If your a member at LA fitness can you go to any LA fitness?

Yes, you can go to any LA Fitness facility, as long as you have a multi-club membership. If you have a single-club membership, you may only use the facility that you signed up at.

What does la stand for in la fitness club?

In the "LA Fitness" club, "LA" stands for "Los Angeles." It's called that due to the fact that the first clubs were in Los Angeles, California. Now, there are LA Fitness clubs in exclusive places in the United States and Canada.

Why wont midnight club la save?

because you did not go to options

Where are Fitness retreats located?

Fitness retreats are provided by a reputable company Fitness 12 retreats and one of their main locations is 'La Manga Club' in Spain it has been described as a remarkable life experience.

When was LA Fitness created?

LA Fitness was created in 1984.

Where could one search for LA Fitness health club locations?

You can find a list of all LA Fitness Health Club locations on their website, which has a search box where you enter your postcode or city and it will find you the nearest and most suitable one for you. You could ring them and ask, but the former way is a lot easier.

What is fitness in French?

'fitness' may be translated by "mise en forme / remise en forme" ('un club de remise en forme = a fitness club) or "condition physique" (a fitness test) to be fit is "être en forme" or "être en bonne condition physique"

Does la fitness have senior discounts?

does la fitness have a senior discount

La fitness federal tax id number?

La fitness int'l

How do you pronounce la fitness?

L A fitness

When did LA Fitness acquire Urban Active?

LA Fitness finalized their acquisition of Urban Active on October 26, 2012. LA Fitness continues to honor all Urban Active memberships but will work on converting members to LA Fitness memberships.