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Guyanese of course, na only just found out myself!

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The people from Guyana are called Guyaneese .

It is still called Guyana. It changed it's name from British Guinea to Guyana when it was made independent in 1966.

Technically Yes they are but Guyana are a diverse people.

1 it's called the kaieteur Falls

what type of food do Guyana people eat

The population of Guyana is around 755,000. However, the number of people born in Guyana who now live abroad is between 800,000 and 1,000,000 people.

C. C. H. Pounder from NCIS New Orleans is from Guyana. So is R.B. Greaves who sang " Always Something There to Remind Me" and "Take a letter Maria" is from Guyana.

The abbreviation for Guyana is GY. Some people also refer to it as GT.

cause guyana is great place to live

Guyana was known as British Guiana until its independence on 26 May 1966

in a country called guyana in South America not the Caribbean. GUYANA is in SOUTH AMERICA

people who live in Guyana move around by plane, or probably a boat.

People in Guyana speak a lot of languages and English is one of them.

The population density of Guyana is 3.502 people per square kilometer.

A major physical feature in Guyana is Kaieteur Falls, a fact about Guyana is that because of its physical feature like waterfalls and oceans Guyana is called "The Land of Many Waters."

Previously called British Guiana Capital the official name is: Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

The contributions that came from the Europeans for Guyana are the supply of foods and other essential products. They also contributed music and dance to the Guyana people.

The British Empire colonized the nation we now call Guyana. It was called British Guiana until the nation gained its independence in 1966.

Guyana people wear the mans wear pants and the girls wear dress

For the languages of Bolivia, click here.For the languages of Guyana, click here.

An area of Guyana, which became known as Dutch Guyana and is now called Surinam(e).

Guyana WA sruled by the british they had a queen called queen Victoria . Guyana has a President - his name is President Jagdeo Guyana has a Prime Minister - his name is Prime Minister Hinds i know this cuz ima guyanese !

they eat anything but not carrots

yeah they were ruled by french people

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