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they are very friendly, modest, nice & they always fight for what they believe in

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they are the best people on earth, nice and caring!

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Q: What are the people like in the country of Lebanon?
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Who lives in Lebanon?

If you mean Lebanon (the country), Lebanese people live there :)

Where are Lebanese people from?

from lebanon, its a small middle eastern country and where named as phonecians previously

What is the best country in middle east?

Lebanon because of their votes and good parties and people

Give the importance of handicraft in the country?

talk about lebanon's handicrafts, their importance to people and to the country

Is Lebanon in the UAE?

No, it is a country in the Middle East. Not an Emirate.

Lebanon is the capital of what country?

Lebanon is itself a country, not a capital city. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut.

What country is the best on earth?

Lebanon is. that depends on what you like ,if you like freedom or like partying because. Lebanon has the best discos, casinos, clubs and many more thing in one place

Is Lebanon a christian country?

In the country, 40% christians and 60% muslims out of the 4 million people there............Butt there are 18.5 million Lebanese immigrants in other countries outside of Lebanon, 90% of them are christian, so you can say that Lebanon is a Christian country :D

Whats a country?

for example Lebanon or usa uae things like that

Is Lebanon a rich or poor country?

It,s a rich country and it have some poor places

Which Arab country has no desert?

There is no such animal. Every Middle Eastern country has some desert areas. There are countries like Lebanon which have very few deserts, but there is no Middle Eastern country entirely devoid of deserts.

Who is a better country Lebanon or Ethiopia?

For a Fact: Lebanon