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Old & New Testaments

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Old Testament

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A very important value of the Bible is that it

The Bible came primarily from

The Old Testament included the book of

Jealousy and anger shorten life comes from

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Q: What are the periods in The Bible?
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What is fasting in The Bible?

Fasting is when you do not eat or drink for very long periods of time.

Do all the chapters of the bible end with periods?

no. some end with commas and colons

What were the intertestamental periods between the empires in the bible?

Time when ice-creams were inveted

Where is the true holy bible which resembles the holy Koran?

there is no true holy bible that resembles the Koran they were written in far different time periods.

Was The Bible written in one sitting?

No, the Bible was written by over 40 authors who lived in different periods of history, over a total of about 1600 years.

Does the number 40 in the Bible represent a demon?

No, the number commonly represents trials and testing periods.

Is King Tutankhamun in the Bible?

No, King Tut is not in the Bible, but there are many characters in the old testiment that have strong ties to the ruling periods and exploits of various different pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

What do baptists believe about evolution?

Evolution is a personal decision. Some Baptists put belief in the Bible that the Earth was built in 7 24 hour periods. Some others accept that science is a companion to the Bible and explains many things without contradicting the Bible.

In middle school you have 6 periods what are they?

They are usually Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. And the other 2 periods are Related Arts, like Bible History, P.E., Tech Ed., etc. Yeah its usally Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and 2 other periods that could be your electives or intensive. This is for Florida

How should one count your periods cycle from the starting of the periods or ending of the periods?

The starting AND ending of your periods. :)

Are epochs part of periods?

Periods are subdivided into periods of time know as epochs.

Do a goat have periods?

No, goats do not have periods.

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