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Q: What are the personal issues an entrepreneur will face in post-harvest life?
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I am having my own personal issues tried discussing them with my spouse but they cant really relate why?

Answer If they are normal types of personal issues that anyone could face from time to time then the spouse should be able to relate. It could be personality differences. In my opinion, unless the personal issues are way out there or bizarre or something, a spouse should be able to relate to them or at the very least try and help you with them the best that they can even if they can't seem to relate to it.

What tpes of issues could you encounter if someone stole your personal data?

You could face a number of issues if someone stole your personal data. You could find yourself owing money for credit cards and loans that you did not take out. Someone could also work using your social security number.

Why manager can not be entrepreneur and why entrepreneur can be manager?

A manager is mostly into managing the business operations and do not go beyond that, he/she might be an employee but an entrepreneur is an individual who owns the business, generate ideas, develop them, implement them, operate them and understand the risks and ready to face them. Thus, an entrepreneur can be both but a manager can not, he/she ( the manager) is only at the managerial post.

What troubles will an entrepreneur face if she or he tracks only cash and ignores profits?

A shortfall next year.

What issues do lawyers face on the job?

Lawyers may face moral issues when pursuing a case. They may also face hostility with some clients or with opposing counsel.

How do you face personal challenge?

It can be hard to face personal challenges. The best way to face personal challenges is for the person to realize this challenge will not go away, and dealing with it will make them a better person.

What problems do cities face?

Many cities face all sorts of different problems. They face problems of poverty, crime, injustice, unemployment, education issues, and environmental issues.

What is a sentence for entrepreneurs?

entrepreneur often face many difficulties. entrepreneurs are very rich.

What is the various challenges faced by the entrepreneur in this process?

Your question is alittle vague, I'm assuming your asking what challenges does a entrepreneur face when starting a business. A entrepreneur has a different mindset than most people this is why 5% of the people in our country control 95% of the wealth. Our society has been taken over by the cancer called a job. The entrepreneur thinks out of the box and will not let anything and anyone get in their way to success. They will face alot of negativity from family and friends which only serves to strenghten their passion. The challenges are common to all entrepreneurs from funding capital to proper licensing to should they incorporate or stay a sole proprietor. The roadblocks that all start-ups face are not a deterrent to the entrepreneur just a minor detour. I hope this helps to answer your question.Sincerely,Val

What are the issues that tigers face?

tigers umm

How many police chaplains in Jamaica?

There are thousands of police chaplains across the country of Jamaica. They help those involved in crimes as well as officers who face personal issues through their difficult work.

What issues do police face on a day to day basis?

what are the financial problems the police face