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Great listeners, communicators, empathetic, sensitive and understanding.

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What kind of personality traits are there for a pediatrician?

sensetive, caring, nuturing, knowledgble, patient:)

What personality traits are needed to become a baker?

=== ===

What are the personality traits you needed for NBA?

have a good attitude

What personality traits are needed to become an electrical engineer?


Personality traits needed by a secretary?

Secretary must be loyal

What personality traits are needed to become a midwife?

Some personality traits that are needed to become a midwife include compassion, understanding, patience and kindness. You would also have to be a quick thinker and able to work independently.

What personality traits are needed to be a Crime Scene Investigator?

You need to be smart and fun

What personality traits are needed to be a singer?

I don't know I am trying to figure that out too

What personality traits starting with a?

Ambitious and agreeable are personality traits. Abrasive and abrupt are personality traits.

Frederick Douglass personality traits?

personality traits

What are Madonna's personality traits?

what are madonnas personality traits

What personality traits are requierd for becoming a pediatrician?

CaringEmpatheticPatienceGood communication skillsGreat manual dexterityCool headedDecisiveEnergetic

Are certain personal or personality characteristics desirable such as friendliness with new people or the ability to work unsupervised as a pediatrician?

Friendliness, and the ability to work unsupervised, are desirable traits.

What are the personality traits needed to become an oncologist?

U need to be a self absorbed jaded jerk.

What personality traits are needed for CSI?

an eye for detail.courage.keeping an open mind,and humor,a good resume

What are personality traits of Paleontologist?

Personality traits are specific to an individual and not to a profession.

What was asclepius personality traits?

He was thought to have a caring, healing, compassionate personality (but no records of his personality traits exist).

Personality traits that start with you?

Personality traits just started with yourself? Nonsense!

What were Aphrodites personality traits?

her personality traits were love and beauty. Hope this helps!

Is it possible to have contradicting personality traits?

True, yes you can have contradicting personality traits.

What personality traits are needed to be an anthropologist?

optimistic creative curious adventurous intelligent positive compassionate motivated

What SAT score is needed to be a pediatrician?

sat score required for a pediatrician

What are personality traits of anesthesiologist?

what are the traits of anestheseologists

What was Hephaestus's personality?

what are hephaestus's personality traits

Outstanding personality traits?

Two outstanding personality traits include: honesty and courtesy. Also, enthusiasm, loyalty, and self control are considered to be outstanding personality traits.