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Children with Down syndrome have a slightly flattened face with upward, slanting eyes. They are usually of less than average height. Their necks are often straighter and wider/longer, and they tend to have speech problems.

In addition, they are also very caring and lovable people most of the time.

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Can a baby show all the physical characteristics of Down syndrome but yet not have it or any other syndrome?


What are the physical signs of someone with Down syndrome?

Below is a list of common physical traits of someone with Down syndrome.(Bear in mind that every person with Down syndrome is a unique individual and may possess these characteristics to different degrees - or may not even exhibit them at all.)low muscle tonesmall staturean upward slant to the eyesa single deep crease across the center of the palm.

What are the physical characteristics of a child with Down Syndrome?

there are too many too list...girl you better look on google

Does down syndrome affect physical development?

Yes, Down syndrome affects physical development. Body structures and growth patterns are altered in Down syndrome.

What are the Characteristics of abnormality?

down syndrome

How does a person get down syndrome?

Down Syndrome is an inherited condition. You cannot "get" Down Syndrome, it isn't contagious. A person is born with it.

What heals Down syndrome?

nothing can cure down syndrome but physical and speech therapy help

Difference between the chromosomes of a person with Down syndrome and a person without Down syndrome?

An individual with Down Syndrome has the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome.

How are the cells different from a person with down syndrome to a person without down syndrome?

the person with the disorder will lead to mental issues and the person without it will not.

Is there such a thing as a Down syndrome dwarf?

Down Syndrome people are usually smaller than the average person and im sure it would be possible for a dwarf down syndrome person such as two dwarf people who have a down syndrome child

Is it common for a person with Down syndrome to marry someone who doesn't have Down syndrome?


What age does the down syndrome affect?

Down syndrome affects a person from Birth til Death

How is down syndrome spread?

Down syndrome cannot be spread from one person to another; it is not contagious. Down syndrome happens when chromosome 21 is present.

What can be done to treat down syndrome?

You can not treat the syndrome itself, only the physical complications that comes with it.

Are there any specific personality traits in a person with Down syndrome?

Sometimes Down Syndrome is called Up Syndrome because alot of children with Down Syndrome are happy all the time.

How do you treat a person with Down syndrome?

There is no medical treatment that can cure Down syndrome. The best way to treat someone with Down syndrome is with kindness, patience, and love.

Can black people have Down syndrome?

The answer is yes; any person of any race can have Down syndrome. Down syndrome is caused by a defect in the 21st pair of chromosomes.

Can you drive a car if you have Down syndrome?

== == A person with a mild case of Down syndrome should be allowed to drive.

What is the role of a psw helping a child with down syndrome?

What is the role of a PSW helping a person with down syndrome

What can be done for a person with down syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome can learn to participate in physical exercise activities like other children. It may take children with Down syndrome longer than other children to reach developmental milestones, but they will eventually meet many of these milestones.

What are some characteristics that could describe a person?

Characteristics are just traits that the person has - either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. They can be anything from a physical description to a thought or feeling. If you need specific examples, go look in a mirror and write down what you see.

Can a child with down syndrome live as long as a normal person?

The average life expectancy for a person with Down Syndrome is between 50 and 55 years.

Is there any syndrome that is similar to Down syndrome?

No, there is not. Down syndrome is unique in its characteristics and scientific identification. 2nd Answer: Sort of . . . there are other 'mistakes' that occur for the same reason that Down syndrome occurs, and many of them are named. The thing is, though, that the body has such a high range of tolerance of all its hormones, enzymes, and so forth, that these other 'mistakes' never show up to be recognized. Down syndrome, as per the first answer, is indeed unique in its characteristics.

What are physical and mental disabilities?

Physical disabilities are physical features of a person either was born with or gotten later on in life that disable the person in some way. Examples are broken bones, paralysis. Mental disabilities affect the person mentally (in the mind). The person is usually born with it. An example is Down Syndrome.

What is a disorder?

A disorder is a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning in an organism, like when a person has down syndrome for example. It is a disorder that happens with in the body.

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