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size of brainon average the adult human brain weighs 3.5 lbs ( smallest on record weighed 3 lbs largest on record weighed 5)and is about 6 inches long. It is a dark pink when alive and light grey when dead. It looks very similar to brain coral.

I hope that helps answer some of your questions about the brain.

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lager brain, more physical features to the modern human

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Not with a human brain bubella.... But a better question is, "Can the human brain understand the universe?" The answer is-- no, but that does not stop physics from describing it mathematically and physically so that it can be studied.

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How does quantum physics explain a human brain activity?

It does not. This type of physics does not apply to physical things.

What is correct human brain or human brains?

human brain. seeing as a human only has one brain.

What is a human brain?

A brain which belongs to a human.

Is a human brain a muscle?

No, the human brain is not a muscle. The human brain is a large cluster of nerves.

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how human brain works

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What weighs more the human brain or human lungs?


The difference between a human brain and a tigers brain?

There are many differences between a human brain and a tigers brain. The human brain is bigger than the tigers brain, and the tigers brain is wired for survival and hunting, whereas the humans brain is not.

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The human brain is much more complex

How many cells does the human brain have?

there are 20,000,000 cells in a human brain..

Sheep brain vs human brain?

The human brains bigger

What are the division of the human brain?

The main divisions of the human brain are: the cerebrum, diecephalon, cerebellum, and brain stem.

Is monkey's brain faster than human?

i think human brain is faster than monkey brain

How does a chimp brain and human brain look different?

A chimp's brain is a bit smaller than a human.