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What are the places on a traditional London Monopoly Board?


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Let's see... I haven't looked at my British version for a long time. Okay, I am going to list the properties by color. I'll also list the utilities and railroads under that.


Park Lane

Bond Street

Oxford Street

Regent Street


Coventry Street

Leicester Square

Trafalgar Square

Fleet Street


Vine Street

Marlborough Street

Bow Street

Northhumberland Avenue


Pall Mall

Pentonville Road

Euston Road

The Angel, Islington

Whitechapel Road

Old Kent Road


Electric Company

Water Works


Marylebone Station

Kings Cross Station

Liverpool Street Station

Fenchurch Street Station

Another difference... the space called "Luxury Tax" on American boards is called "Super Tax" on British Boards.


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No they are all the same no matter what addition of monopoly you get the rules are all the same .The only difference would be the game piece's, names of the places on the board or the money.

Most of the places on a traditional Monopoly board are named after places in Atlantic City. This is different from foreign language or boards in other countries, which are often named after the capital city. There are usually city versions available for most major cities in the United States though.

The original Monopoly game board is based on streets and places in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and does not include Marble Arch. However, there are editions of the game based on many other cities, including London; the London edition, though, also does not have Marble Arch. The closest placename to Marble Arch on the London version of Monopoly is Oxford Street. (Marble Arch is at the west end of Oxford Street.)

Some of the spots on the board are actual places in cities.

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Fenchurch Street, although Tower Hill is fairly close by.

They are streets and places at the inventors favorite vacation spot, Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

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One of them was Marvin Gardens Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue are the others.

The only property on the Monopoly Board that is south of the River Thames is 'Old Kent Road', which runs from the Bricklayer's Arms Roundabout to New Cross.

Mayfair Is The most expensive in theBritish Monopoly Board. Boardwalk for the American board.

the monopoly board game is based on the reality of real estate.

The four main train stations on the monopoly board are London train stations on Fenchurch Street, Marylebone, Liverpool Street and King's Cross.

Monopoly is an example of a popular board game in Europe. Despite its original structure, Monopoly has hundreds of different setups and many world cities have their own version of the game, such as London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, etc.

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