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Vampires can live anywhere.

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Q: What are the places vampires live around the world?
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Do vampires live in sunny or cloudy places?

Vampires live in fictional places of gloomy atmospheres.

What did the things vampires do for live?

Vampires are alive to live a long life by drinking the blood of human.they still live in some place in the world and still they are alive to drink the blood of human.Check around u may be vampires may be.

What is the study of people and places around the world?

The study of people and places around the world is known as sociology. This will focus on how people relate to the societies they live in.

Where do ducks live around the world?

Most places with access to water

Where vampires live or where you can found vampire?

They probably live in dark places such as caves, abandoned houses, etc.

Where does dogs live?

Dogs can live in diffrent places all the time. They live all around the world,

Where do Indians live?

Indians mostly live in India, but they also live in many places around the world.

Where vampires are present and where do they live?

in real life vampires are not there.but if u r asking books then they live in different places according to the place mentioned by the author.

Where are the Jewish people located around the world?

Jews live all around the world, but there is less population in places like China for example. They live everywhere

Were do vampires live?

vampires can live anywere in the world they can have houses or just live in the woodsalso they live in dark and damp caves.i dont know look it up insted of looking at the answer

Where lived Indians?

Indians mostly live in India, but they also live in many places around the world.

Why vampires live in dark places?

According to lore, direct sunlight hurts vampires, so naturally, they would want to stay in a dark place.

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