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What are the planet's diameters?


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Mercury's diameter (at the equator) = 4880km or 0.3825 x Earths diameter

Venus' diameter = 12,104km or 0.9488 x Earths

Earth's diameter = 12,756km

Mars' diameter = 6794km or 0.5323 x Earths

Jupiter's diameter = 142,984km or 11.21 x Earths

Saturn's diameter = 120,534km or 9.45 x Earths

Uranus' diameter = 51,114km or 4.01 x Earths

Neptune's diameter = 49,532km or 3.88 x Earths

(Pluto's diameter = 2306km or 0.18 x Earths)

I included Pluto on the end there, its not classed as a planet any more though, but a dwarf planet.