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Mercury - Messsenger of the Gods aka Hermes in Greek Mythology

Venus - Roman Goddess of Love aka Aphrodite in Greek Mythology

Earth - Gaia is also known as Mother Earth

Mars - Roman God of War aka. Ares in Greek Mythology

Jupiter - Roman 'King' of the gods, aka Zeus in Greek Mythology

Saturn - Roman God of Agriculture, identified with greek god Cronus, father of the Gods

Uranus - also known as Ouranos was known as the Sky father and also fathered the Titans

Neptune - Roman God of the Sea, greek counterpart Posedion

Pluto - God of the Underworld, identified with Greek Hades

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Where do the names of our planets come from?

Most of the names come from Roman gods (particularly the major planets). The names of the dwarf planets come from Roman mythology, Greek mythology, Rapa Nui mythology, and Hawaiian mythology.The word "Earth" comes from Old English.

How did planets get their names?

All of the planets except for Earth go their names from Roman Mythology.

how do you write a sentence using the word mythology?

The true story was hidden in the mythology. Mythology provided the names for the planets.

How does greek mythology still influence your lives?

A lot of names include names of gods. Planets are also named after gods of roman mythology which is based off of greek mythology but with different names.

How the 8 planets got their names?

The planets names are derived from Roman and Greek mythology,except for thr Earth which is Germanic and old English in orgin.

The only planet whose english name does not derive from greek mythology?

All the planets names are from Roman mythology, not Greek.

Which of the eight planets was named from Greek mythology?

None of the major planets names come from Greek mythology. Seven of them come from Roman mythology and one comes from Old English (Earth).The only dwarf planet whose name comes from Greek mythology is Eris.

What do the names of the planets come from?

With the exception of Earth and Uranus, the planets in our Solar System are named after Roman Gods. Uranus is derived from Greek mythology.

Where did the names of our plantes come from?

If you mean planets, the main planets, the planets in the Solar System were named after Roman gods. The exceptions are the Earth and Uranus. Uranus comes from Greek mythology.

What is Earth in Greek mythology as Planets?

In Greek mythology the Earth was Gaia. The Astra Planeta were the gods of the 5 'wandering' planets. Their names were:Phaenon (Saturn)Phaethon (Jupiter)Pyroeis (Mars)Stilbon (Mercury)Eosphorus (Venus)The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unknown to the ancients.

Where does the name of all the planets come from?

The majority of planets get their names from Roman and Greek mythology. Most of them are actually gods. Here's a chart of what each planet is named for and why they named it that.

Where does the names of the elements come from?

- from the names of planets - from the name of scientists - from toponyms - from mythology - from some characteristics of the chemical elements - from old words (in Greek, Latin, Arabian, Persan)

Which planet does not come from mythology?

None. All planets come from mythology.

What planets were influenced by mythology?

Venus, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto (dwarf), Mercury, Sun (star), and Moon (moon). These were all the Roman equivalents for Greek gods. For example Hades' Roman name was Pluto. Additional answer: The planets Uranus and Saturn(us) also belong to this gang. In addition the moons of the planets have names from mythology.

Why are the gods in Greek mythology tied to the planets?

The gods in Greek mythology are not tied to the planets. The Greek gods were renamed by the Romans and after the discovery of different planets, these such planets were named after these "Roman God's" Ex: Roman-Pluto Greek-Hades

How did scientists get the names of the planets?

The names of the planets came from greek gods.

What are the names of warrior gods?

In Greek mythology--Ares In Roman mythology--Mars In Germanic mythology--Tyr

What is the basis of Roman mythology?

Roman mythology is based on/borrowed from Greek mythology, using diffrent names.

How did Greek influence roman mythology?

roman mythology is greek mythology but with different names The Romans built off of greek mythology

Why do planets have names?

To refer which of the planets is which its like why do you have a name

How did the planet of Venus's get its name?

Venus is the name of the Roman "Goddess of Love". (In Greek Mythology, she is called "Aphrodite". All the planets were named after several of the Roman Gods by Astronomers and Scientists from ancient times. Most of the Roman diety names have an equal representative in the legends of Greek mythology, only they are given Greek names instead.

What are the names of the dwaf planets?

there are 3 dwarf planets and their names are Ceres Pluto Eris ( they were in order)

Who is ceres in mythology?

In Greek mythology, Ceres were names for death spirits. In Roman mythology, Ceres is the Roman form of Demeter

What are the names of the dwarf planets?

The names of the five dwarf planets are Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Eris, and Makemake.

Are there any myths or legends about Saturn?

In Roman mythology, (greek mythology with the names changed) Saturn is Father Time, aka Chronos. (chronology) In Roman mythology, (greek mythology with the names changed) Saturn is Father Time, aka Chronos. (chronology)

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