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If an animal were to adapt to a salt marsh, they would have to adapt to the climate. It varies sometimes but mostly they would have to adapt to the water source. In a salt marsh, they have brachish water, which is a mixture of salt water and fresh water, and it usually leads out into another river or stream somewhere close by, but they would have to adapt to the water, which only some animals can.

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Q: What are the plants and animals found in salt marshes?
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What is the main producer of tidal flats and salt marshes?

The autotrophs that are the main producers of tidal flats and salt marshes are algae. Algae can also be found in other environments as well.

What are What are facts about salt marshes?

I don't know much about it but I found two: · Wetlands are found on just about every continent on Earth! (Except Antarctica!) · They are home to almost 600 species of plants, animals, and insects Hope this helped!

Do freshwater marshes differ from saltwater marshes?

Saltwater marshes are found in very specific locations in mid to high latitudes with areas of protected ocean coast lines. Freshwater marshes are found in a wide variety of locations where freshwater accumulates.

Are salt marshes and swaps rivers?

Yes they are. Marshes are river that are like gas stations for animals in the wild. The animals eat, rest, and drink water in marshes.

Where are halophytes found?

in salt but i don't know what the maximum salt consecration is.

Where can you find a marsh?

There are different types of marshes an they are everywhere. A salt marsh can be found in Scotland and Georgia. A fresh water marsh also known as a wet meadow can be found in San Bernardino California.

What percentage of our nation's salt marshes are found in Louisiana?


Why is the Atlantic salt marsh important?

Salt marshes are composed of a variety of plants: rushes, sedges, and grasses.

What are the different kinds of marshes?

Depends there can b wetland marshes or salt water marshes and freshwater marshes. There r also marsh plants and marsh grasses u have 2 b very precise when ur talking about the different types of marshes.

Do salt marshes differ from swamps?

Salt marshes are more spread out.

How are salt marshes and mangrove swamps alike and different?

Salt marshes are more spread out.

What are salt marshes?

Salt marshes are an area between land and brackish water that are known to flood. Salt marshes collect sediments and nutrients that are vital to the ecosystem.