What are the political views of a Republican?

Members of the Republican Party, both in government and members of the party that do not have an official position in the US government, have a wide range of views. They also have, as does its Democratic opponents, a left, right and center wing.
Their center wing is often most close to the Democrat's center.
The best way to describe a Republican is to make a comparison to the Democrat Party. Generally speaking a Republican prefers a smaller federal government while a Democrat favors a somewhat larger one. In taxation the Republican Party usually prefers lower taxes while Democrats, do not want to tax the nation to death, but believe that taxes should be higher than the Republicans.
On foreign affairs, it is very commonly known that both parties, often share common goals depending on the issues at hand. Since there are millions of Republicans in the US, views on any of the aforementioned issues may vary greatly. This is true of the Democratic Party as well.