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Q: What are the positions of the fetus when its legs are born first?
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What are bad positions for offspring being born?

Any position except legs extended, front legs first with the nose between them.

What makes a fetus kick its legs?

the fetus kicks its legs due to its nervous system!

What is sirenomelus?

A "sirenomelus" is a fetus with fused legs and no feet.

How many classical ballet positions are there?

First you have your five basic ballet positions called first second third fourth and fifth position. They are in both the arms and the legs. You also have other popular poses such as classical pose.

Are lambs born feet first?

For a normal delivery lambs are born front legs first.

How do you move the arms and legs in scenery's on

You cant, though some of the celebrities have their arms and legs in different positions.

Are calves born with their legs?

Yes, of course they are! Their legs start developing within the last part of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Why can't foals eat grass when they are first born?

no because their legs are to long

When does a calf stand on its legs for the first time?

About a couple of minutes after being born.

Are gecko's born without legs?

No, they are born with legs.

What causes both legs to go numb?

Usually if you sit on them or you have them in unusaul positions for too long, you may get pins & needles and that causes your legs to go numb!

When a cow stands up what legs does it get up on first front legs or back legs?

Back legs first, then front.

What is spanking positions?

Over the knee... between the legs, over a chair, over a bed...

Which part of a baby is born first?

in most cases its the head (in cephalic presentation) or the legs can come out first (in breech presentation)

When performing a jumping jack in what two positions are your legs?

Your legs in the starting position would be together and then placed about shoulder width apart at the feet in the second position.

Why does a baby horse have to be born with its feet coming out first?

I am pretty sure it is because it will most likely not fit any other way except with the back legs coming out first but the back legs are not very sturdy

When was Crazy Legs Conti born?

Crazy Legs Conti was born in 1971.

What are the characteristics of a human fetus in the second trimester?

During the second trimester, usually 13 to 28 weeks after conception, the fetus will take a more recognizable human features. Features include arms, legs and even sexual organs.

When was Legs McNeil born?

Legs McNeil was born in 1956, in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA.

Which developes first the hind legs or the front legs of a tadpole?

The tadpoles grow its hind legs first, and then grow the front one.

Do a tadpole's front legs or back legs appear first?

Back legs

When was Jack 'Legs' Diamond' born?

Jack 'Legs' Diamond' was born on July 10, 1897.

When was Crazy Legs - dancer - born?

Crazy Legs - dancer - was born on 1966-01-01.

What first walks on 4 legs then on 2 then on 3?

A human being. Let me explain: First, when a baby is born, they crawl. Since a human has two legs and two arms, it seems like a baby 'walks' with four legs. Second, during the middle stage of our life, we walk upright, on two legs. Lastly, when we grow old, many people choose to or need to use a cane to walk with, giving the impression of three legs.

What came first the kickin' or the legs?

No legs - no kickin'.