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The possibility of somebody getting pregnant when their partner had a vasectomy 27 years ago is unknown. From a forum basis it appears to be common, especially years after the vasectomy took place. From a scientific basis, there is documentation of the male body correcting a vasectomy over time and the same has been noted in women who've had their tubes tied. It was generally considered rare, but the likelihood of this occurring increases with the amount of time after the vasectomy took place. For some men, the chances of this are very high and for others unheard of. It is possible.

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Q: What are the possibility of someone getting pregnant when there partner had a vasectomy 27 years ago?
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What procedure do you need to go through to get pregnant if your partner had a vasectomy?

Untied the vasectomy first before you can get pregnant.

What happens if your partner cums inside you during your period?

there is a possibility of getting pregnant

Had a vasectumey in October could you be pregnant?

Possibly. You do often hear stories of people who have become pregnant even after their husband/partner has had a vasectomy

Pregnancy after tubal ligation and vasectomy combined'?

It's possible, but very unlikely to get pregnant if a woman has had a bilateral tubal ligation and her male partner has received a vasectomy.

Is it possible to be pregnant even if your partner had a vasectomy?

Yes, especially if they did not go back for the follow up tests to ensure it was a successful vasectomy, which occurs more often than you would think.

Can you get pregnant being on the pill and using a condom?

Unless you or your partner has had radical surgery, there is always a possibility of getting pregnant from having sex.But if you're using two methods of protection simultaneously, and correctly, the chance/risk of getting pregnant is really, really, really small.

Can a person use vasectomy alone eventhough the partner wont help?

The decision to have a vasectomy is always yours but you should tell your partner.

Is is possible to become pregnant a few years after your partner had a vasectomy when he has never been checked after the surgery?

While it is rare, sometimes a vasectomy can "reverse" itself on it's own, without a 2nd surgery.

Can you get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia.

Who is responsible if a woman get pregnant with an IUD?

Pregnancy is a known risk whenever a woman has sex. There is no birth control method, including vasectomy and tubal ligation, that is 100% effective. If a woman gets pregnant with an IUD, she and her partner are responsible.

Your doctor has told you you have had a miscarriage even tho your partner has had a vasectomy 2 years ago Is this possible?

no, unless vasectomy was reversed at some point (an OR nurse)

What if your partner had a vasectomy about a month ago and you don't think he pulled out completely before ejaculation?

The vasectomy should make him completely infertile; no pregnancy will result.

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