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Q: What are the pre symptoms of apendicitis?
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Symptoms of appendisitis?

one symptom of apendicitis is the rigt side of your hips is painfull it is caused by bacteria

How do you say apendicitis in English?


What are the most common pre diabetes symptoms?

Some of the most common pre diabetes symptoms are increased thirst, blurred vision, needing to pee frequently, and feeling tired. Call your doctor if you have these symptoms. This website has more details on pre diabetes and treatment:

What causes diverticulosis?

Constipation or Apendicitis

How do pre-menopause symptoms differ from full menopause symptoms?

Pre-menopause and menopause symptoms are very similar including mood changes, difficulty controling temperature, and other hormanal issues. With menopause they are more pronounced.

What could cause stomach cramps at the top of your stomach?


What are some symptoms of pre-menopause?

Pre-Menopause is also known as perimenopause. Symptoms occur in less than 10% of women, but can include hot flashes, mood swings and erratic bleeding.

What are some pre diabetes symptoms?

Pre-diabetes symptoms are varied and can be shared with the symptoms of other health issues. See a doctor if you think your symptoms indicate pre-diabetes. Excessive thirst and/or hunger is one of the more common symptoms, and with that includes rapid, unwanted weight loss or gain. Fatigue, weakness, and blurring vision are also common symptoms.

What does pms stands for?

Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

What could cause severe pain in your side?


What is meant by pre menstrual?

Well you have most likely heard this term associated with PMS, which stands for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms, meaning symptoms that occur BEFORE your period such as cramping, bloating, etc.

How do you treat apendicitis?

The appendix is surgically removed. That is the only treatment.

Sharp pain on lower right side of stomach?

It may be apendicitis.. - When appendix may need to be removed because it may have bursted and caused infection. Symptoms may be: - Pain may start near belly button and go down to lower right side of stomach. - Hurts when you walk, take deep breaths. You should see a doctor soon if you are having these symptoms.

What are some symptoms of Prediabetes?

Often pre-diabetes do not have any symptoms. Sometimes darkened areas of the skin, called acanthosis nigricans, is one of the few signs suggesting you are in possible risk of pre-diabetes

Can you have menstrual symptoms but no bleeding?

Yes. Pre-menstrual symptoms. This is what you get before you have a period, often when you are ovulating (releasing an egg)

What dose pms stand for?

It stands for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms.

What would cause severe pain in the mid right side?


What is the meaning of pre-existing?

"pre-" means before, so pre-existing means to exist before (something), or to procede. For example, there were already pre-existing symptoms when the doctor diagnosed the disease. Or, fast food stores that pre-existed McDonalds.

Can apendicitis make your penis smaller?

There hasn't been any case history of.

Pre ejaculatory fluid Is it normal for a man to NOT have pre ejaculatory fluid?

Many men do not have pre-ejaculations, and it is usually normal. However, if there are any other alarming signs or symptoms that concerns you, then you should consult your doctor to make sure there isn't something else going on, even if you don't think the symptoms are related.

What are some of the common pre menopause symptoms reported by women?

Pre menopause symptoms are varied among women. Some women have no symptoms at all. Others may have hot flashes, irregular periods, dry skin, decrease sex drive, loss of mental alertness and lack of concentration.

Can pre elampsia cause stillborn babies?

Yes it can, which is why it is important to go to your doctor/midwife/hospital as soon as you think you might have pre-eclampsia symptoms

Is arthritis a pre existing condition?

Sure if you had been treated or had symptoms of arthritis before taking out whatever you are talking about then it would be a pre-existing condition. Anything that existed before is a pre-existing condition.

Do premenstrual symptoms mean I'm pregnant?

No. They are just pre-mentrual symptoms that you are getting before your period. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What is pre-pathogenesis?

Pre-Pathogenesis is a time period when someone is exposed to an agent, but no symptoms have developed yet. Early detection is possible in this stage by screening, or chance discoveries. (Pre = before, Patho = disease, Genesis = development of something) Pathogenesis is when there is a clinical disease in either the early or late stage, a diagnosis is made based on the symptoms and findings.