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Spiders and i think maybe frogs

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Q: What are the predators of the butterfly?
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What are the predators of the viceroy butterfly?

what are the predators or prey of the viceroy butterfly

What are predators of butterfly fish?

The predators of butterfly fish are green moray eels!

What are predators of butterfly fish besides green moray eels?

other predators of the butterfly fish are sharks,snappers and sea anemones

Why does a viceroy butterfly looks sound and moves like a monarch butterfly?

The viceroy butterfly mimics the monarch butterfly in order to detract predators. Monarch butterflies are poisonous and have a bad taste, so predators will see the similar viceroy butterfly and think that they are inedible.

What are the butterfly's predators?


Do Red Admiral Butterfly have predators?

The predators of the Red Admiral butterfly include large insects, spiders, wasps, birds, and bats. These butterflies enjoy feasting on nettles which also serve as protection from predators.

What Are Butterfly's Predators?

birds and cats.

Does the butterfly have any predators?


What are some predators of the butterfly?


Who are the predators of an apollo butterfly?


Do predators eat the butterfly cocoons?


What are Butterfly predators?

birds and cats.

What are the leaf butterfly's predators?

The leaf butterfly's predator's are birds, but the butterfly is sometimes able to escape from the birds by the use of camouflage.

Is the viceroy butterfly's adaptations as effective as the monarch butterfly's no because?

The Monarch Butterfly (larvae) has adapted itself to eat milkweed plants, which are very bitter. Because of the food source, the butterfly begins to taste like milkweed to predators. This makes it so that predators don't want to eat them, and the butterfly is relatively protected from this type of predator. The Viceroy Butterfly has only adapted its color to that of the Monarch Butterfly, not its taste. This makes it unappealing to the same predators, thus increasing its chances of survival. This is known as Batesian Mimicry.

Does a butterfly have enemies?

Yes, the butterfly does have enemies. The main enemy of the butterfly is the bird. Other predators include spiders, wasps, and dragonflies.

What are the predators of the purple spotted swallowtail butterfly?

frogs are eating them

How do the large eyes on the owl butterfly help them survive?

The large eye on an owl butterfly protects it from predators by scaring the predators off because they think it is the eye of a large animal such as an owl.

How do you use mimicry in a sentence?

The Viceroy Butterfly uses clever mimicry of the Monarch Butterfly to deter predators.

Where does a butterfly sleep?

In a sheltered area where it can be hidden from predators.

What are 3 enemies of the butterfly?

humans,predators and parasites.

Does a butterfly use poison to keep predators away?


Is a black butterfly is poisonous?

no only to animals or predators

What are the predators that eat the Oregon silverspot butterfly?


Is a black butterfly poisonous?

no only to animals or predators

Who eat butterfly?

A butterfly has many predators that seek to eat it. Birds are the primary predator for many species of butterfly, but wasps are also notorious for preying on them.