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Although there could be very many predictions, one I was told about [by someone in the industry who should know] is that someday, probably a long way off, that ALL phones will be wireless [no wires or fibre optics strung on poles] and may even be totally based on satellite technology.

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What helps us to make predictions about the future?

Knowledge, experience, and our ability to extrapolate past trends into the future help to make predictions about the future, but do not guarantee those predictions will come to pass.

What are the predictions for the future?

The future predictions on global warming is depending on our way of life now to better the outcome. The more we do to lessen the impact, the better off the future will be.

What is the synonyms for predictions?

Future guesses

What will happen to Pluto in the future?

Accurate predictions of future events are difficult, at best.

Where did the Greeks hear predictions about the future?

Generally from an Oracle... the most popular by far for Her predictions was the Oracle of Delphi.

Future predictions for mt st helens?


Who gave Macbeth predictions about the future?

Three witches.

What predictions could you make about your future rolls?

What prediction could you make about your future rolls.

What is making predictions?

Making predictions simply means to try to guess what might happen in the future. To make predictions, one should have some knowledge of the subject.

Why are is there even a 'predictions' category on Wikianswers when most of the answers in that category are speculations?

Questions about future events, like who will win the Super Bowl or when the world will end can only be answered with predictions. Often, those predictions are based on evidence and facts, but sometimes they are someone's opinion. The Predictions category is a place where questions about future events are gathered together to be answered.

Does the twentieth century as a whole confirm or undermine Enlightenment predictions about the future of humankind?

The Twentieth Century as a whole seems to undermine predictions about the future of humankind with good reason. Thus far, many of the enlightenment predictions have been proven to be falsified as hoax.

Why are predictions of the future always filled with gloom?

Because future can not be foretold as no body in the world knows it.

Should you believe in astrological predictions regarding your future?

some extent

What objects travel in patterns that allow predictions about their future movements?

all of these

Ecologists use models to?

make predictions about the future behavior of an ecosystem!

Is there a website that predicts the future in stock prices?

There are many websites that offer to predict future stock prices. Predictions are based on previous stock price movements and past returns. These predictions, however, are not very accurate.

Could Thomas Malthus' predictions come true in the future?


Why was Isaac Asimov a futurist?

Isaac Asimov was very comfortable with science and technology. He was interviewed in 1964 to make predictions about the future. He was very close in his predictions of 2014.

What does the term predictions mean?

The term predictions is the plural form of prediction. The word prediction means a forecast of an event or foreshadowing some important event of the future.

Where can you find an accurate horoscope reading?

If you are asking about predictions then there is no such thing. No one can predict the future.

What are the future predictions for the camera?

The camera will probably get smaller and smaller and alot more technical

Why is it important to study trends in population growth?

So in the future we can make better predictions.

Future predictions about my life?

Only you can answer that. Make a plan, visualize it, and then get busy making it happen.

What is the Medical term meaning predictions of future?

Prognosis is the medical term meaning prediction.

What is a cyclic pattern in science?

a cyclic pattern is used to make predictions about future events

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