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present tense: going

past tense: went

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Present - I/you/we/they go. He/she/it goes. Past - Went. Future - Will go.

Go is present tense. The past tense is went.

The present tense is:I/You/We/They go.He/She/It goes.The present participle is going.The past tense is went.The past participe is gone.The future tense is will go.

the present (or infinitive) - To gothe past tense - Wentthe past participle - Gonethe present participle - Go

Present tense - go Past tense - went Future tense - will go

Heard is not the present perfect tense of went. Heard is the simple past tense and past participle of hear. Went is the simple past tense of go. Gone is the past participle of go.The present perfect tense is created with the auxiliary verbs has and have + a past participle.The present perfect tense of hear:I/We/You/They have heardHe/She/It has heardThe present perfect tense of go:I/We/You/They have goneHe/She/It has gone

past -- I went to the cinema. present -- I often go to the cinema.

The past tense is "I went to the shops" When you convert from present tense to past tense, you change the verb to its past tense form. The past tense of "go" is "went".

Going is the present participle of the verb "go".

"I am going" is already in present tense.Past tense: "I have gone."Future tense: "I will go."

Went is the past tense of go. present - I go to school everyday past - We went to school today

Past - I went to the cinema. Present - I go to the cinema. Future - I am going to the cinema tomorrow/I will go to the cinema tomorrow/ I am going to go to cinema tomorrow

We usually go to the beach for a holiday but this year we went to the mountains. -- go = present, went = past. I like to have muesli for breakfast, this morning I had toast for a change. -- have = present tense had = past tense

FUTURE: going PRESENT: go PAST: gone

"I go to the shops everyday" present"I went to the shops" past

Going is the present participle of go. Present participles are used to create the progressive tenses.Examples:I am going (present progressive)I was going (past progressive)I will be going (future progressive)The past tense of go is went. The past participle is gone.

Yes, goes is the present tense, third person singular conjugation of go. Went is the past tense.

the past participle of go is is going.

Go is the present tense of the word. Such as in "I go to stores." Went is the past tense such as "I went to the stores" and going is the future such as "I am going to stores."

No, "going" is the present participle of "go".

The past tense of go is went. Had is the past tense of have.

Went is the past tense of go. The future tense is will go.

Will go is the future tense of go. The past tense of go is went.

Past tense - went. Future tense - will go.

split, split, split present tense: When we go shopping, we split up and go to different stores. past tense: My sister and I split the prize money. (divided the money) present perfect: My husband and I have split up. (separated)

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