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Present tense - am, is and are.

Past tense - was and were.


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No its not it is a past tense word. Come is a present tense words. The difference is the a and o in the middle.

Past - was and were. Present - am, is and are.

Present - am. Past - was and were.

Present - am/is/are Past - was/were/been

The past tense of 'present' is presented.

Past tense - was/were Present tense - am/are/is

past- sent , present-is sending

do is present tense. did is past tense.

the word "was" is in the past, but the present tense of "was" is are

Have is in present tense. Had is past tense. I have a banana. - present I had a banana. - past

no. if you were using it as a past word, you would say sewed.but it is a present word.

The word 'was' is the past tense of the verb 'to be':present tenseI amhe/she/it iswe/you/they arepast tenseI/he/she/it waswe/you/they werepresent participlebeingpast participlebeen

"received" is the past tense. The present tense of that word is "receive"

An is a preposition and so it doesn't have a past or present tense.

Present: Flying Past: Flew Past Participle: Flown

The present participle is being. The past participle is been.

Present and future. Present: I/you/we/they dream. He/she/it dreams. Future: Will dream.

The word industry doesn't have a past tense or a present tense as it is a noun.

get - present tense got - past tense is getting - present progressive had gotten - past perfect

It is an adverb, not a verb,; it can accompany a Present, a Past, a Present Perfect, a Past Perfect and a Future verb.

"Leave" is the present tense; "left" is the past tense and past participle.

A verb is also known as an action word, and there are past, present, and future tenses.

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