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There are points between the thumb and index finger (in the middle of that big mound of muscle) that is good for anything dealing with the head and neck. This goes for headaches, sorethroats, neckaches, toothaches, etc... Also for headaches, try the points between the bridge of the nose and the brow of the forhead. They're just superior and medial to the eyes or just below the middle most portion of the eyebrows. For back pains, try behind the knees.

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Q: What are the pressure points for back and headache pains?
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If you are having cramping in lower abdomine lower back pains headache nausea and fatigue could they be a sign of possible pregnancy?


Are stomach and back pains some symptoms of pregnancy?

no no different structure of pain and different points

How do you stop a horse from pulling back?

Get a naughty halter that has pressure points and when they pull back the pressure points dig into there head and they wont want to pull back,cause they know it hurts them.

If you have lower back pain is that one of pregnant symptoms?

not always. lower back pains can result in pressure on your back, such as carrying something heavy.

What are the seven main pressure points on your body?

There are many types of pressure points. Some are called trigger points, others include; tender points, tsubos, aschi points, marmas, alarm points, and back shu points.

Which pressure points cause severe damage?

The pressure points that cause really severe damage are: The neck, between the ribs and the lower back.

How do you know if you are in labor?

You will feel contractions (like your body is squeezing in and out) and you will have bad pains in your abdomen. you will have slight pains and pressure in your back and your water might break. It hurts like hell!!!!

Can back pains cause foot pains?


Back and neck pain headache?

I think it is a tenshon headache

What things can be done to ease a headache?

The best thing i have found is washing the head with HOT water. It eases a tension headache by relaxing the muscles and a migraine by dilating the blood vessels. Also, drinking a lot of cold water will help. Pills such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Advil are what some call "sugar pills", though they do ease some pain, water does all the real stuff. Another way to ease a headache (but temporarily unless done properly) is finding pressure points. There are two that are known to work best: The thumb joint on the left hand, and the back of the neck. The thumb joint's pressure point is right on the skin that looks a bit like webbing on the upper half of your hand. The neck's pressure points are just under the skull at the top of your neck on the softest spots. Thumb Joint: Simply squeeze the pressure point for about 2 minutes, and slowly release the pressure. Your headache should almost instantly go away. Neck: (you may need someone to do this with you) have a scarf or bandanna (or something that wraps around something) and this will need to be snug against your forehead and tied/held in the back. Have a friend hold it for you. Then have your friend gently begin to push their thumbs onto the soft pressure points, then stay that way for about 30 to 50 seconds. The headache should slowly go away.

Why do you get a Headache if you lay on your back?

Laying on your back may trigger or cause some types of headache including: Cervicogenic headache Tension headache Occipital Neuralgia Intracranial Hypertension (pseudotumor cerebri)

Are lower back pains normal when you are on your period?

Is it normal for a female to have lower back pains when they are on there menstural cycle?

Why Pain in lower back of skull?

If no history of injury, could be anything from tension or cluster headache to pressure from and increase in pressure of intercranial spinal fluid. Please go to the DR, ASAP .

What does it mean when a patient has a positive rebound?

It means that a patient's symptom was treated successfully, but then later returns. So if you have a headache and you take some ibuprofen to get rid of it, then the headache comes back, it is said to be a rebound headache. Another possibility is pain that is felt upon removal of palpation pressure. So if your abdomen is being palpated, and if, when the pressure of palpation is removed, it is painful; you are said to have positive rebound.

What causes Sharp shooting pains from the eye to the top back of head?

There are several different problems which can cause that kind of pain. It is possibly a form of migraine headache; glaucoma is also a possibility. Consult your doctor.

Can gas cause back pain?

Absolutely. Gas can cause very sharp deep back pains. The added pressure in the colon can pressure on nerve roots signaling the pain. Sometimes the pain will linger even after you have relieved all the gas.

What causes a throbbing headache?

A headache is caused by the swelling of blood veins/vessels in the head, obviously. This excessive swelling causes pressure on the brain since the swelling is above normal. In turn, the more dilated your blood vessels are, the more pressure there is inside your head. Which causes the headache. Now, everyone is familiar with the drug caffeine. Caffeine is actually very effective in releaving headache pain. This is because the dilated veins are constricted back to a normal size by the caffeine, in turn decreasing the effects of the headache. Hope this helps..

What are the sexual pressure points?

Sexual Pressure Points, are points of the human body that the nerves are easily reachable for manipulation and stimulation causing arousal and enhanced sexual responses. More specifically: -Butt -Back of Thighs -Back -Neck -Waist (all the fun parts) These points are not limited to the ones here; some will have all of the ones listed here, and some may have none. This is more of a general idea, experimentation leads to the true pressure points of your partner.

Damage of yellow fever?

fever, chills, bleeding into the skin, paradoxically slow heartbeat, headache, back pains, and extreme prostration Nausea, vomiting, and constipation are common.. internally hemorrhaging happens in later contact

Does your back get pains after you get winded?


What can cause a headache in the back of your skull?

Headache in the back of the head is not a symptom specific to any one disease or disorder, however it can be part of many diagnoses. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, consult a board certified headache specialist.

How can you tell how old turtles are?

the points on there back the points on there back the points on there back

How do you make someone faint with a pressure point with no pain?

There's always pain in a pressure point. The neck, somewhere on the back, points on the arm, etc.

What are the symptoms for having your period?

sometimes you may experience breast sorness, vaginal pains, stomach pains, lower back pains and few others.

How to make someone pee on themselves by pressure points?

I have been told u can make sum1 pee its a pressure point on their back ( i a not really shore where srry ={}