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What are the primary tissues destroyed when the skin is damaged?

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The epidermis

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What primary tissues are destroyed when the skin is damaged?

The primary tissues destroyed when the skin is damaged depend on the extent of the injury. If a person receives a minor scratch, only the epidermis is injured, and the area will not bleed. However, if a person receives a deep cut, the dermis will be lacerated. There will be blood and nerves will be affected, so it will create a lot of pain.

What tissue is destroyed when the skin is damaged?


What are the benefits of artificial skin?

There are several benefits of artificial skin. The main advantage is that it does not get damaged since it does not have any tissues.

Where in the skin does mitosis occur?

Mitosis occurs in the basal surface of the skin. This can also take place in the epithelium so as to replace damaged tissues of the skin.

What are tissues are found in the skin?

skin tissues, mussle tissues, organ tissues and bone tissues.

How does the skin protects underlying tissues?

Skin covers things. Skin protects things. Skin covers tissues. Skin, therefore, protects tissues.

What are the tissues that make up the skin?

The tissues which make up the skin are the Epithelial tissues.

What are tissues that are a part of the skin?

fat layer, epitheremis, dermisTissues of the skin are epithelial tissues and connective tissues.

How does antioxidants work in skin care?

the chemical in antioxidants, found in vegetables and fruits, help maintain and add elasticity to your skin. the better elasticity, the better the health andlook of the skin. antioxidants also repairs the damaged tissues in the skin, rejuvenating the skin.

What are 5 body tissues?

5 body tissues are skin so body tissue is skin so 5 body tissues are 5 layers of skin

What is the medical term meaning any visible damage to the tissues of the skin?

A skin lesion is any damage to the tissues of the skin.

What nerve supplies the skin?

skin cells and skin tissues

Does Skin Tissue Have The Same Funstion's As Skin?

Techinally skin tissues make up your skin and skin tissues proctect our internal organs and so does your skin. So if you get technical then yes.

Why is it important to protect your eyes form the uv light source but not take the same level of care with your hands?

skin can't be damaged as quickly as the tissues in your eyes

What types of epithelial tissues make up the skin?

The tissues which make up the skin are the Epithelial tissues.There are three layers of the skin epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer(fat).Hope that helps : )

What are the two basic tissues that make up skin?

The two basic tissues that make up the skin are the dermis and the epidermis.

What tissues are studied in Dermatology?


What tissues does skin cancer affect?

It can affect the epidermis and the dermis of the skin.

What is a primary cause of dermatitis in the diaper area?

prolonged skin contact with wetness. Under these circumstances, natural oils are stripped away, the outer layer of skin is damaged, and there is increased susceptibility to infection by bacteria or yeast

Why is transplanted skin not rejected?

The antigens of replacement skin are the same as those of the damaged skin

How are tissues different from organs?

Organs are viewed as a higher order and structure. Tissues make up organs. Pancreatic tissue is formed and structured into an organ (Pancreas). Epidermis is a skin tissue, but all skin tissues make up the skin organ.

Can rust rust skin?

No. While skin can be damaged chemically it does not rust.

How do you help a pig with sun burn?

Once the skin is burned, the best thing to do is to move the pig indoors so that the skin doesn't get further damaged. You should NOT put anything on the burn, as salves and oils will irritate the delicate underlying tissues. If the burn is severe, a veterinarian may need to come out and treat the pig for pain and possibly remove dead tissues.

What anchors the skin to underlying tissues?


What types of tissues are in the skin?

Epithelial tissue

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