What are the principles of robots?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What are the principles of robots?
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What are some robots that help around the house?

robots,robots and robots

What are names of a robot?

There are humanoid robots, military robots, insect robots, and space robots. There are more kinds of robots too.

Are the Bionicles Robots?

Yes. They are robots.

Are big robots or small robots faster?

I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)

What are medical robots?

Medical robots are robots used for medical and health care reasons.

What will develop in the world of robots?

robots with personalities

Does Jupiter have robots?

NO no robots have been to Jupiter

Are robots electronics?

yes robots are electronics

Did mars have satellite or robots?

It has had satellites and robots.

Can robots be male or female?

Robots are asexual.

What are small robots called?

Mini robots.

Do robots have hearts?

no because robots are made of metal and machines. they are in fairytales that robots have hearts or movies such as