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Sometimes problem's with their parents would be school like the parents don't understand them. Or what the think is not fair.

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Q: What are the problems do kids have with their parents?
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Why discipline problems occur?

Kids dont want to listen to parents+Parents think they cant discipline them=kids get away with almost anything.

Why don't parents listen to kids when they explain their problems?

its because they don't believe you.

Why do alcoholic parents take out there anger on their kids?

they have a lot of problems that they can't deal with

Why dont some kids talk to their parents about themselves?

All kids should talk to their parents but some don't which is a bad idea. Kids should always come to their parents first or god. God is our creator and can always solve our problems.

Working parents have problem children?

There are many people who believe that working parents have children with problems. This is because the kids do not get parental attention.

What are babysitting problems?

low pay, braty kids, and if anything goes wrong the parents will blame you.

Why do parents do it when they have kids?

parents have sex when they have kids because its fun to them.

Who spends more money KIds or Parents?

Kids and parents

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Parents should ask the kids how their day was at school and were there any problems. They should teach them to respect others instead of becoming a bully.

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