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insufficient facilities and equipments in most public high school....that is the major problem in today's educational system

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Q: What are the problems in Philippine educational system?
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What are the current issues and problems in Philippine educational system?

its is yes an ok

What are the solutions to the problems of the Philippine educational system?

The solutions for the problems of the Philippines in educational system are first,the department of education must wisely used the income of their company.Secondly the company needs the cooperation of all and the last

What is committee on the reform of the Philippine educational system?

what are the objectives of reform of the philippine education

What are problems facing the philippine educational system?

The problem that our educational system is facing today is the inconsistency of curriculum that we are using . We keep on changing the curriculum and copying other countries' curriculum without considering our country's needs and sudden changes.

What are the strength and weaknesses of the Philippine educational system today?

The strength of Philippine educational system today is that it integrates cultural values to the learning system. As for the weaknesses, the system is somewhat to demanding for the students and entails some courses that are not essential to the learners.

What are the different innovations in the Philippine educational system at present?

use of e-book

What was the Philippine educational system during the Spanish colonial period?

limited curriculum

Current controversial issues on Philippine educational system?

Cyber Crime Law

What is the new direction in Philippine education?

The new direction of the Philippine educational system is to have 99% of the population literate by the year 2020. They Philippine educational ministry will accomplish this by offering adult reading courses to the general public.

What are the problems of South Korea?

Educational system

What is the biggest problem facing educational system today?

There are a number of very big problems that face the educational system today. The educational system is not only facing funding problems but are also facing cuts.

What are the current Philippine issues about education in the Philippines?

The current Philippine issue in education would be the lack of classrooms, books, teachers and the out of date educational system for students.

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