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FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

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Q: What are the program of government in food safety?
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What is safety program?

A safety program may vary depending on where you would use it but the aim of it is always the same. That is to ensure that health and safety is prioritized. It is different in places such as: construction/mining site - safety program for health and safety restaurants/food establishment - safety program for food safety highway/road - safety programs to avoid vehicular accidents

How did Theodore Roosevelt change the government's role regarding food and drugs?

For the first time, the government took responsibility for food and drug safety

What you would do to promote food and beverage safety?

Only government regulation can reliably promote food and beverage safety.

The main government agency responsible for food safety is?

In the US, the main government agency responsible for food safety is is the Department of Agriculture, which often works closely with the Food and Drug Administration

Where can one watch a food safety video?

One can watch a food safety video in many different places. Some of the places in which one can watch a food safety video are: YouTube, and government food safety programs.

Who is over the food stamps program?

The government

10 reasons why food safety is a public health issue?

You don't need 10 reasons. Food safety is a public health issue because the failure of a food safety program will affect a lot of people - the public.

Who has responsibility to ensure the safety of food?

Do you think the government has the responsibility to ensure that food is safely processed? If so, what should the government do? If not, explain your answer.

What do you understand about the food safety program?

A food safety program is one designed to prevent contamination of food and to ensure it remains in wholesome condition for consumption through the entire food processing, distribution, storage, preparation, cooking and serving process. It is designed to ensure that all workers, from supervisors, managers to waiters or food handlers, are educated and trained well in ensuring that food safety is always prioritized.

Why was the government agency called food and drug administration created?

To control the safety of food, drugs and cosmetics.

How can employees support the safety program management functions of the army safety program?

Employees can support the Safety Program Management Function of the Army Safety Program by reviewing safety posters and other campaign materials.

Is there a food safety agency in China?

As of October 2013, there is no one body or agency that is responsible for food safety in China. While there are food safety regulations in place, there are around ten different national government departments that implement these regulations.

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