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teeth are not bone

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Q: What are the proof that teeth is bone?
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Are teeth bone?

Teeth are not really bones. Bones, unlike teeth, are wrapped in a layer of cells called the periosteum. The periosteum and a few other cell types allow bones to grow and be remodeled over time. Teeth are unable to do this, which is why we have to take care of them. Teeth are made up of four different layers of tissue:1.Enamel is the hard, white covering. Enamel protects the tooth from the wear and tear of chewing. The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body.2. Dentin is below the enamel on your teeth. It's a yellow bone-like material that's softer than enamel and carries some of the nerves that tell you when something is going wrong inside your tooth.3. Pulp is the center of the tooth. It's a soft tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves. The pulp is how the tooth receives nourishment and sends signals to your brain.4. Cementum is what covers most of the root of the tooth. It helps to attach the tooth to the bones in your jaw. A cushioning layer called the Periodontal Ligament sits between the cementum and the jawbone. It helps to connect the two.Yes teeth are a type of bone. Although they do not have bone marrow, they are still classified as a bone.

Are your teeth a bone?

No your teeth have nerves in them butthere not a bone

Are teeth have a bone?

No teeth are not bones

Are teeth hard bone?

Teeth are bones.

Why don't teeth dempose?

Teeth are a bone

Can you get bone cancer of the teeth?

The teeth are not made of bone. They're not living cells so no.

Which bone contains alveoli that bear teeth?

what bone contains alveoli bearing teeth

Are a sharks teeth cartilage or bones?

Teeth are teeth, neither cartilage or bone. But more similar to bone than cartilage.

What does teeth and bone depend on?

Teeth and bone depends on...........POTATOES!!!!!:) no they don't they depend on calcium!!!:p

What does calcium have to do with your teeth?

bone is made up of calcium and your teeth are bone so they are partly calcium

You can see bone in your mouth?

Teeth are bone, technically.

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