What are the properties of a tree?

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1. There is one and only one path between every pair of vertices in a tree, T.
2. A tree with n vertices has n-1 edges.
3. Any connected graph with n vertices and n-1 edges is a tree.
4. A graph is a tree if and only if it is minimally connected.

Therefore a graph with n vertices is called a tree if
1. G is connected and is circuit less, or
2. G is connected and has n-1 edges, or
3. G is circuit less and has n-1 edges, or
4. There is exactly one path between every pair of vertices in G, or
5. G is a minimally connected graph.
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How far from the property line should trees be planted?

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Can you remove trees planted on the property line?

It depends on whose trees they are, when they were planted, and what purpose they serve. For example, if they were planted long ago and serve to mark the boundary line (with blazes or as described in deeds), then they cannot be removed without mutual consent of the adjacent owners, and in accorda ( Full Answer )

Invasion of tree roots from adjacent property?

I have a similar question concerning tree roots.. but it's MY tree. The tree roots are coming up in the front yard and cracking the floor in the garage (under house) wondered if Homeowners would pay toward having it removed because it is damaging the house.

Who owns a tree if it is in center of property line?

Usually, people who ask this question really want the answer to a different question -- can I trim a tree that encroaches into my land, can my neighbor cut down a tree that is on our mutual property line, can I take down a tree on my neighbor's land that poses a risk to my house? I point this out no ( Full Answer )

What property of water explains why it can travel to the top of trees?

Because of its polarity, water has the unique property of being able to creep up thin tubes. Plants in particular take advantage of this property, called capillary action, to get water from the ground. This is how water can reach the tops of trees. :)

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If a tree does property damage who is liable?

Mother Nature would be the liable party, Unfortunately, she does not carry insurance. If your property is insured, Then your property Insurance Policy will cover the cost of damage repairs.

What property does the redwood tree bark contain?

Answer the question please, cause I need to know. Isnt there any tree experts out there, that want to you there education of something good. Like answering questions for people over the internet.

What properties of soil makes it good for tree crop production?

When planting a tree crop, it is essential that you dig down atleast three feet to understand the stratification that may haveoccurred in the area. This also reduces soil compactness, allowsfor removal of large rocks which may hinder a tap root, and allowsaccess the native chemical composition .

Can you cut down a tree on your property?

You can cut down a tree on your own property. As long as you ownthe property and the tree does not fall on anyone else's property,it should be fine.

How do trees increase property values?

Well... trees can lower energy costs by shading the property while adding to the beauty of the landscape....BUT not all people like trees and to many could effect the sell of a home. I have seen it go both ways. Some folks don't want to bother with maintaining them or cutting the grass around them.. ( Full Answer )

Is the county responsible if a tree falls on your property and its on county property?

Nobody is liable for an act of nature. It does not matter who owned the tree. If a tree falls on your house just call your insurance company. If it just fell in your yard and did not damage your property you just have to get it removed yourself. If it's partially on your property and partially ( Full Answer )

What are the properties of binary tree?

A binary tree of n elements has n-1 edges . A binary tree of height h has at least h and at most 2h - 1 elements . The height of a binary tree with n elements is at most n and at least ?log2 (n+1)?

Properties of a binary tree?

A binary tree comprises of nodes where each node has a left and aright leaf. The topmost node is the root. The height of the root isalso the height of the tree. Counting the number of edges to a nodefrom the root gives the depth of that node.

What if a tree hangs over your property line?

In most states, you have the right to cut any limbs or branches that hang over the property line. However, it is always best to work with your neighbor about the tree whenever possible (since you have to live next to that person). If your neighbor objects to you cutting limbs that hang over the line ( Full Answer )

Can you plant trees right on the property line?

With your neighbor's consent would be nice, otherwise you're trespassing and the neighbor could take action that could kill the trees. It's always best to put plantings in so that even when they grow they don't "encroach" over property lines, unless the neighbor agrees.

Can you trim your neighbors tree if it is over on your property?

In most jurisdictions you can trim any branches that overhang your property. However, you will be responsible if your trimming causes damage to the tree now or later. It's a good idea to have the trimming done by a professional who knows how to prune a tree properly. A local tree service should be a ( Full Answer )

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Falling Trees and Insurance U.S. The insured pays his own deductible. Deductibles are common on most types of Insurance policies. Your own homeowners insurance policy covers you if a tree falls or is blown into your property. This is what is known as an "Act of Nature". Trees do fall and sometimes ( Full Answer )

When a tree trimmer falls on your property who is responsible?

Before you hire the tree trimmer you must check to make certain they have their own liability insurance that covers damage and injury to the work crew. You should ask to have a copy of the policy and attach it to the written estimate. You should also call your homeowner's insurance company for advic ( Full Answer )

If a neighbor's tree fell on your property who is liable?

In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature. If a tree fell on your property whether from your yard, your neighbor's yard, blown in from some national forest down the street or some other yard due to a natural occurrence you are responsible for the removal of debris on yo ( Full Answer )

Who is responsible if your neighbors dead tree falls and damages your property?

Each homeowner is responsible for removal of the portion of thetree that fell on their own property. As felled trees are a natural and expected occurrence no one isliable for an act of nature. Each homeowners property insurance will cover the cost of repairsfor damages to your own property. You c ( Full Answer )

Who is liable in state of Virginia if a neighbor's tree fell on my property?

Sorry but your homeowners policy will most likely have to pay for the damages on your property. I assume that the tree fell due to a storm and that it was a live tree when it fell. This is an act of God and is not covered unless it was caused by your neighbor's negligence. If it was a dead tree that ( Full Answer )

What recourse do you have if your neighbor cuts down a healthy tree on your property?

If you want to handle it yourself you should take photos of the tree stump and in the photos try to mark your property line so the photos show the tree was growing on your property. You should get a written estimate from a local nursery for replacing the tree. You should send your neighbor a letter, ( Full Answer )

Is a tree a physical or chemical property?

Neither. A tree is a living organism, not a property. A tree is composed of millions of chemical substances, each with its own chemical and physical properties.

Are trees planted on a spouses' property considered a gift?

To Clarify the main question....dissolved 15 year NON married relationship in a state that does Not recognize common law marriage. Male of couple purchased and planted about 25 trees over the years. Female has always owned property solely. She is remaining in house and wants to know if the trees are ( Full Answer )

Who is liable in state of Connecticut if a neighbor's tree fell on my property?

It depends on the situation. Usually if a tree falls across the property line and does damage to a neighbors property then the neighbor's insurance would pay for damage to his property. The only case where your neighbor would be responsible for damage done to your property is if the neighbor had a ( Full Answer )

Is climbing trees on school property legal?

If you don't attend or go to that School, then yes it is. However,if you are a Student at that School, then it is whether the schoolauthorities allow it or not.

What is a B tree specify its properties?

A bee tree is a tree in which a colony of bees make their home.Bee trees are usually hollow, but have a lower and an upper entrance.