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Q: What are the properties of acrylic fiber?
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Is acrylic the same as nylon?

No acrylic is hard and Nylon is stretchy

Explain the propagation of light through optical fiber and appilication of optical fiber as wave guide and sensor?

The concept of light propagation, the transmission of light along an optical fiber, can be described by two theories. According to the first theory, light is described as a simple ray. This theory is the ray theory, or geometrical optics, approach. The advantage of the ray approach is that you get a clearer picture of the propagation of light along a fiber. The ray theory is used to approximate the light acceptance and guiding properties of optical fibers. According to the second theory, light is described as an electromagnetic wave. This theory is the mode theory, or wave representation, approach. The mode theory describes the behavior of light within an optical fiber. The mode theory is useful in describing the optical fiber properties of absorption, attenuation, and dispersion

What did you observe with indicates of refraction of the color of light in the acrylic prism?

why did you observe with indices of refraction of the colors of light in the acrylic prism

Is acrylic a good insulator?


What is the difference between acrylic and plastic?

Plastic is a more generic term. "Plastic" literally means something like "moldable". Acrylic is a specific type of the kind of material generically called "plastic." Specifically, acrylic polymers are made of derivatives of acrylic acid. One specific acrylate polymer is PMMA, poly(methyl methacrylate), also called Plexiglas.