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What are the pros and cons of public transport?


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February 01, 2011 6:51PM


  • when you ride the bus, you walk around more, free exercise
  • You get to meet new people
  • riding the bus is relaxing
  • you can save money
  • more people on the bus means less cars on the road, which means less traffic congestions
  • more people on the bus and less cars also means less CO2 emisions
  • no parking fees
  • kids love to ride the bus and you don't have to worry about carseats
  • if the bus becomes your only means of transportation, you don't have to worry about car insurance
  • no maintenance costs
  • reduction of dependence on foreign oil
  • Seattle Metro buses provide regular service to parks, beaches, malls, movie theaters, ball parks, and even hiking trails. There are even discounts for children and families.
  • Each transit system has their own web site, making for efficient trip planning
  • CONS

  • riding the bus can be time consuming
  • if you get on the wrong bus, then you have to spend more money to catch the correct bus
  • there are no carseats available for young children
  • time restraints
  • using a public mode of transportation takes planning
  • you don't get to choose your environment
  • there are no seatbelts for young chhildren
  • riding the bus can be confusing